Synoptic Gospels

Secret Behind the Messiah's Miracles

Compassion stirring in His heart, Yeshua strengthened the sickly, healed the diseased, bound up the broken, and sought after the lost sheep of Israel. He proved Himself a shepherd worthy of fulfilling Ezekiel’s prophecy about Messiah shepherding Israel: “My servant David will be king over them, and they will all have one shepherd” (Ezekiel 37:24).

Coming Down the Mountain

They lifted their eyes and looked around. The brilliant, luminous cloud had dissipated. "They looked around here and there but did not see anyone else except for Yeshua alone with them" (Mark 9:8). The mysterious visitors had vanished with it. Only the Master remained.

Bat Kol at the Transfiguration

The voice from heaven that spoke at the Transfiguration essentially repeated the same message which the Master heard at the time of His immersion in the Jordan. On the high mountain, the voice addressed the disciples, “This is My beloved son …”, and the message came with the addition imperative, “Listen to Him!”

The Cloud of Glory and the Transfiguration

The story of the transfiguration plays with an old association between sukkot-booths and the cloud of glory. Jewish tradition associates the cloud of glory with the festival of Sukkot because Aramaic translations of the Torah translated the word “sukkot” with an Aramaic word than can also mean “clouds.”

Three Sukkot on Mount Transfiguration

While the Master prayed through the long hours of the night, Simon Peter, James, and John could not fight off sleep. Their eyes were very heavy. As they would later do in Gethsemane, they fell asleep while Yeshua prayed. They...

Message from Heaven at Mount Transfiguration

His own appointment was surely coming soon. He knew that the thing—whatever it was—must take place in the holy city of Jerusalem. He did not know when or how, or what course He should take. He needed more information. Yeshua climbed the high mountain seeking revelation about the path He must take.

Elijah and Moses

Both Moses and Elijah have end-time roles. Elijah will come as the forerunner of the Messiah, and the Messiah will come as the prophet like Moses. During the turbulent period of the messianic birth pains, two witnesses wielding the power of Moses and Elijah will appear to herald the second coming.

The Metamorphosis

As Yeshua prayed, “He was transfigured before them” (Mark 9:2). The Greek text of Matthew and Mark uses the word metamorfoo from which we derive the English word “metamorphosis.” A metamorphosis is the process of substantially changing (or transfiguring) from one physical state to another. In what manner did Yeshua change from one state to another?

Transfigured in Prayer

When we commune with our Father in Heaven, the spirit within us is quickened. The physical body becomes merely a vessel through which the spirit reconnects with God. When we stand in prayer before the Almighty, we too, are transfigured, so to speak, to become like angels.

Where did the Transfiguration Occur?

Early church tradition places the transfiguration on Mount Tabor, a prominent hill at the eastern end of the Jezreel valley, not far from Nazareth. Despite the strong tradition, the location seems unlikely. Mount Tabor was populated and fortified by military installations.