Regular Shabbat Readings

* Note: On Jewish holidays, special readings often interrupt the regular cycle.

  • Miketz (מקץ | From the end)
  • Torah: Genesis 41:1-44:17
  • Haftarah: Zechariah 2:14-4:7
  • Gospel: Luke 4:16-31

Portion Summary

The tenth reading from the book of Genesis is named Miketz (מקץ), which means "the end." The title comes from the first verse of the reading, which says, "Now it happened at the end of two full years that Pharaoh had a dream" (Genesis 41:1). The portion begins with Pharaoh's portentous dreams, Joseph's interpretations and his subsequent rise to power over Egypt. When a famine strikes the land of Canaan, his brothers come to Egypt seeking grain, but they do not recognize Joseph, who engineers a means by which he can test their character.

Portion Outline

  • Torah
    • Genesis 41:1 | Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dream
    • Genesis 41:37 | Joseph's Rise to Power
    • Genesis 42:1 | Joseph's Brothers Go to Egypt
    • Genesis 42:26 | Joseph's Brothers Return to Canaan
    • Genesis 43:1 | The Brothers Come Again, Bringing Benjamin
    • Genesis 44:1 | Joseph Detains Benjamin
  • Prophets
    • Zec 2:14 | Interlude: An Appeal to the Exiles
    • Zec 3:1 | Fourth Vision: Joshuahua and Satan
    • Zec 4:1 | Fifth Vision: The Lampstand and Olive Trees

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