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Inside the Ark

The ark of the covenant was at the heart of the Tabernacle. As such, it corresponds to the heart of man. Just as the ark was God's throne in the Tabernacle, we need to make our hearts a suitable throne for Him in our lives.

ark of the covenant, new covenant, purity of heart, Terumah

From Previous Weeks

Righteousness and Justice

The name of this week’s Torah portion, Mishpatim (משפטים), means “judgments.” The Torah portion contains a list of commandments and guidelines for the exercise of righteousness and justice (mishpat, משפט). Our Master Yeshua declared justice to be the first of three weighty matters of the Torah: “justice and mercy and faithfulness” (Matthew 23:23).

blessing, justice, Messiah, Mishpatim, Queen of Sheba, righteousness

The Impassioned God

If your spouse told you, "I don't care whether you see other people; it doesn't bother me," you would be alarmed that he or she no longer holds your wedding vows as sacrosanct. It would bother you that your spouse had such little affection for you that infidelity was not even an issue.

bride, idolatary, idols, jealous God, ketubah, paganism, Pentecost, revelation at Sinai, sacred marriage, Shavu'ot, ten commandments, Yitro, zealous God

Nachshon's Leap

The Israelites understood that they were to escape through the midst of the sea, but the sea had not yet split. Jewish legend says that Moses bade the Israelites step into the sea, but they were unwilling to do so until Nahshon sprang forward and plunged into the water. He struggled under the waves and nearly drowned.

crossing of the Red Sea, crossing the red sea, faith, leap of faith, Nachshon, nasi, Passover, pesach, prince, resurrection, salvation

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