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Noah, Noah, and Messiah

Noah has a lot in common with the Messiah. The Torah's story of Noah and the flood illustrates the human condition, man’s sin, God's reaction, the horror of divine judgment, and the need for salvation. Noah was the savior of the world. In the days of Noah, the Almighty held a terrible, universal judgment over the world.

parents, repentance, rest, restitution, salvation

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Where Are You?

In the garden of Eden humans experienced God directly. In the paradise of Eden, human beings lived in simplicity and innocence, without sin, guilt, shame or knowledge thereof. God was present; He was immediate; He was revealed. He spoke with them. Walked with them. They knew His presence; they recognized His voice. He was not hidden.

Abraham Joshua Heschel, God in search of man, humanity, life, presence of God, rebellion, tree of life

Grace Negotiations

The Chasidic concept of tzaddikism explains that the merit of a single righteous person can be extended to others. On the basis of God’s gracious favor for one man, the entire nation received the forgiveness of sin. The ultimate redeemer is like the first redeemer, making atonement for the entire nation on the basis of His merit alone.

grace, Ki Tisa, Moses and Yeshua, new covenant, sin of the golden calf, sukkot

Heaven and Earth; Rain and Dew

Water exists in the heavens as vapor in the form of the clouds, but it is still, in its basic essence, water. As it descends as rain, it is still water. When it arrives on the earth and it pools in rivers and streams, it is still water. Water is the same in heaven and on earth.

giving of the Torah, Ha'azinu, revelation, Song of Moses, Torah, word made flesh

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