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The Plot Against Israel

Balaam failed to curse Israel. Worse yet, he failed to win a large reward from Balak. Then a thought occurred to him. Perhaps he could not curse Israel, but he could induce Israel to curse themselves. In Numbers 31:16, we learn that he conspired with the Midianite and Moabite leaders and suggested a plan.

ambition, Balaam, Balak, covetousness, flesh, greed, idolatry, lust, materialism, power, provision, self-control

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The Purity Paradox

The purification paradox hints toward Messiah who became unclean in order to cleanse. Human uncleanness and iniquity did not cling to Him. He stepped out from the tomb in perfect purity. He shed the mortal form, and with it He shed ritual impurity. The unclean grave clothes, tainted with the contamination of death, He left behind.

ashes of the red heifer, Chukkat, clean, cleanse, conscience, death, purity laws, red heifer, sin, unclean

The Two Wives

Contention against leadership is contagious, and contentious people work hard to convince their companions to join their cause. Korah's initial grievances against Moses and Aaron had nothing to do with the Reubenites, but through frequent conversation and the subtle manipulation of ideas, Korah was able to draw his neighbors into sedition.

evil speech, Korach, Korah's rebellion, lashon hara, marriage, wisdom

The Complainer and the Atheist

God said He heard the grumbling and the complaints of the children of Israel. He hears our complaints too. The sin of grumbling is related to the sin of gossip. Both are forms of evil speech; both result from a critical spirit. Grumbling destroys your quality of life and that of those around you.

atheist, complaints, discontent, evil speech, gossip, grumbling, lashon hara, quality of life, relationship, Shelach

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