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Kohens, Priests of a Different Kind

The priests have been out of work since the destruction of the Temple, but they could be called back to work if the holy Temple in Jerusalem was ever rebuilt. According to the prophet Jeremiah, God's promise to restore the Aaronic priesthood is inseparably linked with his promise to send the Davidic Messiah.

Aaron, Aaronic priesthood, celibacy, Davidic Mesiah, intermediary, kohen, nation of Israel, presence of God, priest, priesthood, priestly blessing, rabbi

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The Cheerful Giver

A true giver is not motivated to give simply because he anticipates reaping a prosperous return on his investment. A generous person gives to the work of the kingdom because his heart desires to give. He loves God and wants to do everything he can to further the work of God on earth.

charity, donations, generocity, giving, money, saving, tithe, tithes, tzedakah, wealth, willingness

Slavery Laws in the Bible

The Bible's laws about slaves are meant for the protection and well-being of the people enslaved. The Israelites had just left slavery. They had experienced it in its ugliest form. It is only natural that God would address that institution and lay out rules to prevent the perpetuation of the maltreatment of slaves.

ethics, freedom, human rights, Mishpatim, slavery, subjugation, wages

The Giving of the Torah

The first Pentecost happened at Mount Sinai. Long before the tongues of fire fell upon the believers in Jerusalem, the fire fell upon Mount Sinai. The children of Israel arrived in the desert of Sinai in the third month. God descended onto Mount Sinai. He came in blazing fire heralded by the loud blast of the shofar.

languages, Mount Sinai, Pentecost, Shavu'ot, tongues of fire, Torah, Yitro

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