Torah Club

Where Disciples Learn

Serious disciples want to get past shallow teaching, understand their Bibles, and know Jesus better. Torah Club is a small-group Bible study where disciples learn the Bible from a Jewish perspective through in-depth discussions and good fellowship.

Know Jesus Better

It's Who You Know

Unless we know the Jewish Yeshua, we don’t know the real Jesus. In the fall of 2020, Torah Clubs around the world launched an epic study into the Jewishness of the life and teaching of Yeshua of Nazareth. Experience the spiritual transformation that comes from learning His stories, miracles, parables, and teachings from a Jewish perspective.

Torah Club Study Track

Jesus, My Rabbi

Torah Club resources keep everyone on track. Members receive lesson workbooks full of Gospel commentary and study questions for each week of the Bible study. The weekly club meetings feature a short video teaching on the lesson leading to quality group discussion. However, the best part of each club is the people who take discipleship seriously and desire to grow in like-minded friendships.

Torah Club Study Track