Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from Leaders

  • Who can start a Torah Club?

    Only FFOZ Friends at the Ally or Pillar level are eligible to start a Torah Club. You don't need any special credentials. All you need is a desire to bring Messianic Jewish teaching to Christians and Jews. We will provide you with training, ongoing support and everything you need to start a successful club.

  • How do I become a Torah Club Leader?

    If you are an FFOZ Friend at the Ally or Pillar level, you are already eligible. There is no fee for leadership in the Torah Club. Just follow these simple steps, and we'll get you started:

    • Confirm your interest, agree with our Value and Theology Statements.
    • A Torah Club representative will schedule a time to meet you for an introductory conversation to see if we are on the same page and to answer any questions you have regarding the program.
    • Upon mutual agreement to move forward as a Torah Club Leader, you'll need to complete the online leadership training and program protocol at your convenience.
    • Define your group meeting time and location and start your weekly meetings.
  • Why are only FFOZ Friends eligible to become Torah Club Leaders?

    Torah Club Leaders represent First Fruits of Zion on a local level, so they need to be fully invested in the work. As an FFOZ Friend, you have already demonstrated your exceptional commitment to the kingdom mission and vision of First Fruits of Zion. Our FFOZ Friends are our most trusted constituents and serve with us on the front lines, sharing this exciting and challenging mission of making disciples and studying God's Word from a Messianic Jewish perspective, and that's exactly the stuff it takes to be a successful Torah Club Leader.

  • What is FFOZ Friends?

    FFOZ Friends are the financial backbone of our mission. They support the mission of First Fruits of Zion as Companions ($25.00/month), Allies ($50.00/month) or Pillars ($100.00/month). FFOZ Friends believe in and support the development of resources that will continue to explain and expand our shared mission. FFOZ Friends support our learning center in the heart of Jerusalem and many other outreach efforts. In return, FFOZ Friends receive monthly teachings, complete Torah Club commentary sets of their choice, access to an online library of years of extensive audio and video teachings, and a monthly newsletter with updates, prayer needs and mission activity. FFOZ Friends are eligible to be Torah Club Leaders as they have demonstrated in practical ways that they support and share in our mission. Learn about becoming an FFOZ Friend.

  • How much do I need to teach?

    You only need to facilitate the club meetings and help the club members work through the discussion questions. We’ll show you how to do that. Our First Fruits of Zion teaching team does the bulk of the teaching. We provide a Portion Connections online video (15 to 20 minutes), taught by two of our Torah Club teachers for your club to view. You can depend on this video to deliver solid teaching for your club and supplement this teaching with your own insights as much as you are able and comfortable.

  • What’s the Portion Connections video?

    Torah Club Leaders will have access to a weekly online teaching through featuring two teachers from First Fruits of Zion presenting insights and commentary on the weekly Torah portion. These short, conversational, Portion Connections videos will correspond to the weekly discussion questions in the workbooks. When your Torah Club meets, everyone watches the short video before you lead them through the discussion questions together while adding your own insights as much as you are able and comfortable. The Portion Connections video update and lesson introduction will connect your club to the global Torah Club community.

  • Who can join my Torah Club?

    Anyone whom you invite can attend your Torah Club, but everyone must register and become a current Club Member to participate. You can decide how to make your Torah club accessible to new students. A club can be "Open to the Public", or "Must Send a Request to Join", or be "Private, by Leader Invitation Only". You can define your club as exclusively for women, men, young adults, families (with or without children), or men and women together. How your club is structured is completely up to you.

  • How does someone become a member of my Torah Club?

    Potential members need to ask for your permission to join your club using the website. You can also send someone a personal invitation via email. Once you have approved them and they have paid their annual membership fee they can join your club. This will be managed through your Club Management page.

  • What if the current Torah Club year is already underway?

    Ideally, every Torah Club should start at the beginning of the annual cycle in October, but even if the current Torah Club year has already started, you can still start a Torah Club or join a club to study along at any time during the year.

  • What if my Torah Club misses a week or falls behind?

    If you miss a week or fall behind, skip ahead to keep up with the schedule. It’s not a big deal. Individual members can always go back and study any material they might have missed on their own time. Better to stay on the schedule with everyone else than to get frustrated by falling behind.

  • Does my Torah Club need to meet every week of the year?

    No. However, Torah Club provides study materials for every week of the year and the best practice is to meet for every lesson. If your Torah Club needs to take some time off or skip a few weeks, the leader can give club members their monthly Member Pack in advance and let the members study on their own during those weeks that the club does not meet.

  • What about international Torah Clubs?

    Right now, South Africa and Australia are the only countries outside of North America where we are able to provide printed materials. In the future, we hope to provide printed materials to all countries, but for now, to save money on shipping and to avoid delays, Torah Club Leaders outside of North America, South Africa, and Australia will receive their study materials electronically and be responsible for printing their own copies. (Torah Club licensing prohibits copying or printing Torah Club materials except for distribution to current club members.)

  • What about holiday readings?

    Sometimes the Jewish holidays land on the Sabbath and interrupt the regular schedule. When a holiday reading, such as Pesach, Shavu’ot, Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, or Sukkot preempts the regular Sabbath reading for the synagogue, Torah Clubs take a holiday break or conduct holiday themed events.

  • What if my Torah Club has questions I can't answer?

    Torah Clubs will have access to the Club Hub where questions pertaining to the weekly studies can be posed and answered through interaction with other Torah Club Members and FFOZ teachers. If it’s a real stumper, an FFOZ teacher will address your question directly. Torah Club Leaders always have access to the Club Hub to engage with other club leaders. Also, all Torah Club Leaders have direct access to the Torah Club support team.

  • What is the Club Hub?

    Club Hub is a web-based, private social media platform created exclusively for Torah Club. This feature allows every leader and member of Torah Club to collaborate within each club and also connect with the global community. Club Hub will be your Torah Club’s online communication hub, meeting calendar, ongoing out-of-meeting discussions platform, and way of staying connected.

  • What is the Torah Club support team?

    The Torah Club support team consists of full-time and part-time highly qualified individuals who are 100 percent dedicated to you as a Torah Club Leader. Whether you need counsel, technical support, or answers to questions they are available to support you in your role as a Torah Club Leader. They can assist you with difficult questions that come up in your club by giving insight or pointing you to additional sources for learning. The team is there for you in times of discouragement or if you need assistance in ensuring the spiritual health of your club. They are available by email, phone, or setting up a conference call. We are here to serve you and give you confidence in your leadership.

  • Is there ongoing training and support?

    There will be ample optional times for you to connect with learning opportunities that strengthen your leadership as well as your relationship with other leaders around the world. There will be a quarterly Leaders’ Roundtable hosted by our community care coordinator that will train in various aspects of small-group leadership. There will be an annual leadership event for you to connect with others and be encouraged in your mission. The Torah Club leadership team will be at your service for questions and support. Additionally, Club Hub is a moderated and active social media platform for you to engage with other leaders, strengthening and gleaning from one another.

  • Is there an opportunity for me to connect with other leaders?

    A lot of thought and infrastructure has been put in place for you to connect and build relationships with other leaders who share the same mission. Through the Club Hub, Leaders’ Roundtable, and conferences you will make new friends with like-minded partners who share in the Torah Club mission.

  • How can I find a Torah Club in my area?

    If you would prefer to join an already existing Torah Club rather than forming your own, you can search for a local Torah Club by using the interactive Club Finder. If you find a club near you, send a request through the website and the local leader will get in touch with you.

  • How can I get my Torah Club listed on the website?

    All Torah Clubs will have a “Club Page” on the Torah Club website. Individuals will be able to locate your club using the Club Finder. You decide whether you want your club to be open to visitors and new members or be a closed club. Your address will not be available to the general public unless you choose that option.

  • Where's your Statement of Faith?

    First Fruits of Zion brings Messianic Jewish teaching to Christians and Jews. Our Torah Club materials teach from a Messianic Jewish point of view. To learn more about our perspectives and to see our statement of faith, click here

  • How can my Torah Club connect with other Torah Clubs?

    Your Torah Club will have access to the Club Hub. Leaders can also attend our annual Torah Club Leaders’ Conference and planned regional events.

  • What is Children’s Torah Clubhouse?

    Children’s Torah Clubhouse is a kid’s curriculum with stories, activities, puzzles, games, and study questions related to the weekly Torah portion and New Testament studies. It’s great for kids’ classes, homeschool material, and children’s programming. The program is currently under development.

Questions about Starting a Club

  • Do I have to be a teacher to start a club?

    You don’t need to be a teacher or have special qualifications to be a Torah Club Leader. We provide extensive lesson books and a video teaching for your Torah Club. You can augment these extensive resources with your own insights as you are able and lead the group through the provided Focus and Discussion Questions.

  • What about the lesson materials?

    Torah Club Members will study from comprehensive lesson books that contain the Torah Club commentary and Focus Questions. We send the workbooks to you, the Torah Club Leader, in a monthly mailing. You distribute them to your club members. Each club member studies through the workbook and answers the Focus Questions in preparation for the meeting.

  • What costs are involved?

    All eligible FFOZ Friends (and spouses) do not incur any additional cost to become a Torah Club Leader. Spouses can receive Leader Guides or Student Workbooks and participate in the club as a student or co-leader.

  • What is the additional video teaching?

    Torah Club meetings begin with an engaging video teaching from our Torah Club Teaching Team called Portion Connections. The weekly Portion Connections videos are fifteen to twenty minutes of teaching and builds on the reading material. This fresh teaching will be a time of connecting the global Club community and provide a sense of connectedness to the learning community.

  • Will I have support?

    As a Torah Club Leader, you have access to our Theological Support staff for help with theological questions or other issues that may arise during the club meetings. Our Community Care staff can help you with leadership questions or issues that require wise counsel to maintain a positive spirit of learning within your club.

  • How can I connect with others?

    Torah Club Leaders and Members connect locally and globally through the Club Hub, a completely private social site for ongoing learning, connections, and global community. Club Hub is your Torah Club’s online communication hub, meeting calendar, ongoing out-of-meeting discussions platform, and way of staying connected.

  • What about additional training?

    You will have opportunities to participate in quarterly, Leaders’ Roundtable online training, Leader Enrichment Meetings featuring special guest speakers, and the annual Torah Club Leaders’ Conference which will help you develop your leadership skills, strengthen your club, and connect you with others sharing in your mission.

Questions from Students

  • What is Torah Club?

    Torah Club is a weekly Bible study where disciples gather to learn. Club members meet to fellowship with their brothers and sisters in Messiah and study the weekly Torah portion using Torah Club lesson guides and materials.

  • How much is the membership fee?

    Annual Torah Club Membership fee is $60.00 ($5.00 per month!) per member. Membership lasts twelve months from time of registration, but members must be part of an active Torah Club to receive materials.

  • What are the member benefits?

    Torah Club Members are part of a Torah Club that meets weekly. They receive a monthly Member Pack from the club leader. It includes all the weekly lesson materials, assignments, and discussion questions. Members also have access to the Torah Club web app, which keeps them connected with the program.

    • Torah Club course materials for twelve months
    • Access to Torah Club Leader and Member sections (in continued development)
    • Access to the Club Hub
    • Access to purchase all Torah Club commentary sets (phone to order)
  • Do I have to be part of a Torah Club to be a member?

    Every Torah Club Member needs to be part of a local Torah Club. Individuals who prefer to study independently should become an FFOZ Friend at the Ally or Pillar level and receive the commentary set of their choice.

  • How do I find a Torah Club?

    You can search for a local Torah Club by using the interactive Club Finder. If you find a club near you, send a request through the website and the local leader will get in touch with you. If there is no club near you, consider starting one.

  • When does Torah Club begin?

    The Torah Club cycle begins in late September or early October. The current study title (2018-2019), Unrolling the Scroll, began with Genesis 1:1 on the week of Sunday, September 30. But you can start a Torah Club or join a club at any time. The 2019-2020 cycle begins the week of Sunday, October 20.

  • What do I receive?

    Each month, the Torah Club Leader will receive a mailing containing weekly course materials for every member of his or her club. The Member Pack contains extensive written commentary and lessons on the weekly Bible readings, including a set of study questions. In order to receive Torah Club Student Workbooks, members need to be active in attendance. The Club Leader also receives a Leader Pack with an easy-to-follow outline of the lesson, some tips for facilitating the discussion time, and an answer key for the weekly study questions. All club members have access to the online Torah Club Member web app that includes the Club Hub, membership management features, and other useful study tools.

  • Where does Torah Club meet?

    Torah Clubs can meet in churches, congregations, Messianic synagogues, community centers, coffee shops, or even the comfort of your own living room.

  • When does Torah Club meet?

    Torah Clubs can meet any time that’s convenient for the club. You will need about an hour and a half: thirty minutes for snacks and fellowship, twenty minutes for viewing the Portion Connections video, and thirty minutes or more for discussion and study time. The local Torah Club Leader determines the meeting time and length.

  • Is there homework?

    Bible readings, Torah Club weekly lesson materials, and study questions require a couple of hours of reading and study per week outside of the Torah Club meeting time. You can study the materials yourself, or work through them with a study partner. Before you attend the weekly Torah Club, you should already have your homework completed. You want your club to be full of good discussion; the better prepared you are, the better the club will be.

  • What is the Torah Club Member web app?

    Torah Club Members can access the exclusive Torah Club Member web app, a tool to keep you connected with your club, the global learning community, the Club Hub, study resources, and helps.

  • How is the new Torah Club different from the commentary sets of Torah Club?

    The monthly Member Packs contain the same material as the commentary sets do, but they are specifically designed and formatted for group study with added focus questions, homework, and discussion material. Any registered Torah Club Member who prefers a commentary set can purchase one, or join FFOZ Friends at the Ally or Pillar level and receive one title of their choice as an annual thank-you gift for their support.

  • Which Torah Club titles will we study?

    Our introductory course, Unrolling the Scroll, is available in individual workbook format for new clubs every year, but Torah Club offers multiple years of study in the Torah, the Prophets, and the New Testament. In addition to Unrolling the Scroll, one title of Torah Club will be available in the individual workbook format per year. Each subsequent year will feature a new Torah Club title for study. Shadows of the Messiah will be the featured title beginning in October 2019.

  • Is there a deadline for joining a Torah Club?

    Ideally, Torah Club Members should start at the beginning of the annual cycle in October, but even if the current Torah Club year has already started, you can join a club to study along at any time during the year.