We follow a Jewish rabbi named Yeshua who lived two thousand years ago in the land of Israel. Why don't we ever get to see him that way? What are we missing when we don't? It's time to meet the Jewish Jesus. Here's a collection of stories from students of the Torah Club small-group Bible study, Jesus, My Rabbi. Meet your rabbi today. Join a Torah Club or start one in your area.

My Journey with Jesus, My Rabbi

The Authentic Jesus

I asked, “what’s up with today’s Jesus?”

Why Miracles

I thought that Jesus did miracles to prove something.

The Parables

I was challenged to look at Jesus through Jewish eyes.

Teach Me

I learned by rote, and never comprehended it on a deep level.

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Rabbi, Teach Us to Pray

What the Jewishness of Jesus Can Teach Christians About Prayer

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Rabbi, Teach Us to Pray unpacks the "Lord's Prayer," and captures the essence of the message we communicate to students who join Torah Club. In this book you will discover the value of understanding the Gospels from within its Jewish backgrounds.