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Torah Club is a small-group Bible study community, discovering the Scriptures from a Messianic Jewish perspective. The new study track is called The Beginning of Wisdom.

The Beginning of Wisdom studies the synagogue’s weekly Torah portions with reference to Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Job, Song of Songs, Wisdom of Solomon, and the New Testament. The lessons emphasize the quests for wisdom, a meaningful life, the presence of God, and spiritual growth.

Club members love the fresh perspective. You learn about Yeshua-faith and the Bible from it’s Jewish foundation.

Club members love practical applications. You learn how the Bible applies directly to your life and provides answers to life’s problems.

Club members love the depth of study. Comprehensive resources, challenging perspectives, and exposure to historical commentaries and sources.

Club members love the affordable price. Annual membership in an in-home or online club, study materials, and other benefits for only $60.00 a year.

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How Have Members Grown Through the Torah Club?

2022 Member Survey Results

2000+ Respondents / 1-10 Percent Scale

  • 95 percent

    I feel that returning to the Torah as a Biblical foundation is essential for the body of Messiah.

    94 percent

    Learning the Jewish context of the Bible has added value to my walk with God.

    97 percent

    The Jewish context of the Bible is important to a proper understanding of Scripture.

  • 91 percent

    How would you rate Torah Club to other small-group Bible studies?

    90 percent

    I wish every Christian would be a part of Torah Club.

    93 percent

    The $60 annual registration fee is a great value.

  • 88 percent

    Through Torah Club, I have built friendships and connections with other believers in a meaningful way.

    90 percent

    Since joining Torah Club, I have a bigger picture of God's prophetic plan through Israel.

    91 percent

    The Torah Club's resources are substantial and helped me learn.

Your Free 5-Week Torah Club Trial Includes Everything You Need to Start Learning

Torah Club Study Resources

Five 24-page PDF workbooks from this year’s study track, The Beginning of Wisdom.

Five Portion Connections videos that offer additional commentary and insights.

Five audiobooks of each lesson workbook available for download.

  • “When the Bible speaks about opening the windows of heaven and pouring out blessings, I think Torah Club is part of that blessing. It opens the windows of our hearts to receive and learn the deeper truths of the Scripture through the Jewish perspective and context. Thank you for your faithfulness.”

    Constance Ellis, Torah Club Leader, Selma, TX

  • “Torah Club was very fun and exciting at the beginning, but the depth that comes with more study over time is solidifying. Thank you for all the work, prayer, and study you have all put into Torah Club to make it accessible and digestible for many, making disciples worldwide!”

    Kyla Peanosky, Torah Club Leader, St. Cloud, MN

  • “Becoming a believer in the resurrected Christ was life changing. Nearly forty years later I am now a believer in the resurrected Messiah, the King of Israel. My same Master, but now I have a far greater understanding of who He fully is.”

    Marty O’Sullivan, Torah Club Leader, Brisbaine, Australia

  • “The greatest spiritual growth I have experienced over the last 5 years has been because of Torah Club.”

    Dennis LaRue, Torah Club Leader, San Antonio, TX

  • “I am a Jewish believer, involved in building bridges between Jewish people and Christians. The people coming to Torah Club all say 'this is the best Bible study I have ever been a part of…' As the leader of a Messianic Fellowship here — it is great to have FFOZ and Torah Club.”

    Chris Orr, Torah Club Leader, Rapid City, SD

  • “I've enjoyed watching club members grow closer in their relationship with God and the Messiah. There is something special about group Bible study. Arduous discussion, and celebrating life events with others has encouraged and impacted me to walk in the ways of the Kingdom.”

    Callan McKinley, Torah Club Leader, West Chicago, IL

  • “Torah Club and the ministry of FFOZ is Grade A+. I tell people all the time, the commentary from FFOZ is the best I have ever consumed. I have grown so much in my relationship with HaShem and His messiah and my love for Israel and the Jewish people.”

    Scott Riley, Torah Club Leader, Columbia, MO

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Today’s world has gone crazy!

In times such as these, it’s urgent for disciples of Jesus to get grounded in the Bible that Jesus read and taught—the Torah.

Download the short Introduction to The Beginning of Wisdom, the new study track for Torah Club, starting October 2022.

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