Our Shared Mission

As an FFOZ Friend and local Torah Club Leader, you’re part of a global team on a mission to bring disciples together in a place where they meet a more authentic Jesus, learn a Jewish perspective on the Bible, apply its timeless truths, and cultivate authentic spiritual relationships.

Bible Study Group

Do I Have to Be a Teacher?

You don’t need to be a teacher or have special qualifications to be a Torah Club Leader. We provide extensive Leader Guides and a weekly video teaching for your Torah Club. You can augment these extensive resources with your own insights as you are able and lead the group through the provided Focus and Discussion Questions from the Leader Guides.

Eligibility and Cost

Torah Club Leaders: FFOZ Friends at the Ally and Pillar levels are eligible for Torah Club leadership. Learn more about FFOZ Friends. There is no additional requirement or cost to become a Torah Club Leader. Torah Club Leaders define their clubs and invite students to join.

Torah Club Members: There are no special requirements for membership. Anyone can become a member of a Torah Club. Students pay $60 for the entire year and become Torah Club Members. The annual membership fee covers the cost of all student material, which includes fifty workbooks, which is one year's worth of material, for attending members.

Club Cost

Club Public Page

Defining Your Club

Torah Club leaders decide whether they want a club to be open to receive new students, or to be private and by invitation. Clubs can be specific as groups for men and women, men-only, women-only, adults-only, or families.

When you define your club using our simple Club Settings tool, a beautiful and personalized Club Page is automatically created giving you an instant online presence that can be shared via social media. Your Club Page communicates pertinent information to potential students.

Finding Your Club

Getting students for your Torah Club is made easy with the professional tools we provide. Our online Club Finder helps prospective students in your area find your club.

The Club Finder puts you on the map. You control whether or not to display your exact location, and other personal information.

Club Finder App

Club and Student Management App

Managing Your Club

The online Club and Student Management app helps you manage and administer your club efficiently. It’s simple to use and puts you in control of your club.

It shows you new member requests, allows you to accept and approve students, builds your group’s public Club Page, and more. Dedicated Torah Club staff members are available to assist you with questions and training.

Training and Equipping Leaders

We value our Torah Club Leaders, and we make it a priority to invest in their success with high-quality training resources and opportunities for continuing education. As a Torah Club Leader, you will have access to a wealth of online training videos and instruction, as well as occasions for connecting with some of the leading scholars in our field.

Leader Training Videos: More than fifty training videos ranging from practical tips to in-depth teachings.

Leader Enrichment: Exclusive quarterly online educational seminars by some of the world's top Bible scholars.

Leaders' Roundtable: Quarterly online meetings reviewing best practices for small groups and disicipleship.

Malchut Conference: An annual FFOZ Friends & Torah Club Leaders' gathering that equips, inspires, and connects.

Regional Meet & Greet: Regional gatherings of Torah Club Leaders and local clubs.

Relationship and Connection: Torah Club Leaders have access to a dedicated staff for support.