Equipped for Your Mission

Weekly club resources, ongoing leadership training, and connection to a global fellowship provide you with the resources you need to thrive in your mission.

Weekly Club Materials

Torah Club leaders and students receive comprehensive workbooks for each lesson, including Bible commentary and study guides. Weekly club meetings feature a short video teaching on the weekly lesson.

Watch a sample of Portion Connections

Portion Connections

A weekly update and lesson introduction connects the global Torah Club community and leads the club into discussion.

View a Sample Leader Guide

Leader Guide

Leader Guides contain in-depth commentary on the weekly Bible reading with Focus Questions, for each lesson.

Torah Club Leaders Make Disciples

Growth and Learning

Leadership is not static. Torah Club leadership offers quarterly ongoing opportunities for inspiring and educational training designed to strengthen you and your club.

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Leaders’ Enrichment

Quarterly online Enrichment lectures bring in the top scholars to educate Torah Club Leaders in some of Messianic Judaism’s most important and relevant theological issues.

Watch video clips

Leaders’ Roundtable

Quarterly online Leadership Roundtables provide practical training, tips and strategies to strengthen you in your role as small-group Bible study facilitator

Club Hub, Where Clubs Connect

Connect with the Community

Club Hub extends your community by connecting you with other Torah Club Leaders and Members throughout the world. Engage in ongoing learning and discussions: ask and answer — support and encourage. Club Hub is Torah Club’s private social network connecting our clubs and serving our community beyond the local meeting.