Face to Face

Torah Club is where disciples learn together. It’s a group effort. Torah Club Community Care Coordinator, Damian Eisner, shares an essential concept for small-group engagement in your Torah Club.

Learning as Worship

Club members will enjoy the quality, clarity, and depth of Bible commentary in their weekly Student Workbooks. As a Club Leader, you will find ample material in each lesson to spark meaningful discussions that will inspire your students to fall in love with the Bible and apply it to their lives.

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Each of the fifty-four lesson workbooks is more than 28-pages of in-depth commentary on the weekly Bible reading. Torah Club Members receive their Student Workbook from you, the Club Leader, when they attend the club.

2018-19 Study Material

Unrolling the Scroll

The ancient scroll of the Torah contains the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy—the first five books of the Bible and the foundation on which both Judaism and Christianity stand. Unrolling the Scroll opens the Torah and introduces disciples of Jesus to the world of Messianic Jewish Torah study.

Peppered with insights from ancient rabbis and anecdotes from modern Christian life, Unrolling the Scroll demonstrates the value of Torah for today’s Christian understanding and practice. It includes connections to the New Testament and writings of early Christians. This edition introduces members to both the Jewish roots of Christianity and the world of religion in Jesus’ day.

Open Minds to the Jewish Roots