The Kingdom Needs You

You see the problem with the popular message taught today — it’s repetitive, sometimes stale, and devoid of depth. You know the value of seeing the Bible and Jesus through Jewish eyes. You’ve found what’s missing and it’s changed you. Now you want to help others experience a more profound revelation of Messiah, the Word, and the kingdom of God.

Here am I, Send Me!!

With Torah Club, you will be part of a growing family of brothers and sisters on a global mission, leading the people of God into the deep truths of God’s Word one disciple at a time.

The World Needs a Rabbi

Jesus, My Rabbi

This year Torah Clubs are studying the Gospels from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

Your Torah Club will encounter Yeshua of Nazareth in His Jewish context. Learn His stories, miracles, parables, and teachings from a historical-contextual perspective. A year of weekly lessons for the Torah Club track, Jesus My Rabbi, are based on our popular Bible commentary Chronicles of the Messiah.

How to Start a Club


Carefully review leadership details. Pray about becoming a Club Leader.


Fill out the Leader Application and sign the Affirmation Agreement.


Connect with one of our team members and review orientation materials.


Start building a learning community of disciples together with our growing, global family.

What Leaders are Saying

  • Torah Club is truly a beacon of light in these trying times. The study of the Torah brings hope, excitement and direction into our lives when we most need it. Let us learn in order to teach, let us learn in order to do! Rodger and Gwyneth Adams, Kimberly, Northern Cape, South Africa

  • Torah Club has become such a place of discovery and encouragement for myself, and those who attend every week. The mission and values are deeply important to me, and I wish to see others come to embrace them as we eagerly await the coming of Messiah! Ricky and Debbie Rodriguez, Bellefontaine, Ohio, USA

  • Torah Club is a prophetic movement of the Kingdom and a sign of the times, where Jew and Gentile come together as One New Man under the name of Yeshua. It is an honor to be part of this Kingdom movement ushering in the return of our Jewish Messiah. Andrew and Terri Cheong, Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

  • Torah Club is like water in a dry and weary land! The program nourished both of us for several years, so we became leaders to share the biblical teaching with others in our community. Jordan and Taylor Upton, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

  • Torah Club enlightens our understanding and application to today’s challenges and hope for tomorrow. Our spiritual growth has catapulted through endless WOW connections on this journey with fellow Club members. We are in service to Elohim until our last breath. Brian and Sandi Burroughs, Buford, Georgia, USA

  • Torah Club has given my wife and I a biblical foundation like no other. We are honored to be Club Leaders utilizing these outstanding resources and sharing in this mission in Australia. Dean and Amber Le Petit, Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Application Requirements

FFOZ Friends at the Ally or Pillar level are eligible to become Torah Club Leaders.

However, since Torah Club Leaders are an integral part of the First Fruits of Zion teaching mission, we need to ensure that we share the same perspectives and goals, and an affirmation agreement has to be signed during the application process. There are no additional fees or costs involved.

FFOZ Friends at the Companion level need to upgrade their support to become eligible for Torah Club Leadership.

If you have a desire to become a Torah Club leader and are not an FFOZ Friend, sign up today.

Upgrade your Support Become an FFOZ Friend