The Kingdom Needs You

Ryan Lambert, Torah Club Director, asks you to join our global mission to help build learning communities as a Torah Club Leader. Don’t be spiritually isolated. Torah Club is a community for discussion, shared learning, and good fellowship. Start a club and make an impact and help build the kingdom.

For Lack of Knowledge

Many people misunderstand who Jesus is, miss the meaning of the Bible, and are leaving faith.

Old dogmas and shallow teachings ignore the Jewish core of the Bible, misleading and misinforming the majority. But how do you open eyes and change minds?

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

We Can Do This Together

We see the problem with the popular message taught today, and we are committed to fixing it. Torah Club introduces students to the Jewishness of the Bible and the Jewish Messiah, and we’ve been doing it for more than a quarter of a century with the most comprehensive Messianic Jewish Bible study that exists.

We will be with you every step of the way providing continual support to help you lead a Torah Club successfully.

How to Start a Club


Carefully review the Start a Club pages, and read the frequently asked questions that explain how Torah Club works.


If you are seriously interested in becoming a Club Leader, apply now by filling out the Leader Application and signing the Affirmation Agreement.


Our team will personally meet with you in an online video room to get to know you and ensure that we are aligned in our shared mission.


Start building a learning community of disciples together with our growing family on a global mission.

Do it for the Kingdom

Please LORD, Send Someone Else!

Even Moses felt reluctant. You could wait for God to call on someone else to do the job, but why forfeit your mission and calling to become an agent for the kingdom and Messiah?

Here am I, Send Me!!

With Torah Club, you will be part of a growing family of brothers and sisters on a global mission, leading the people of God out from shallow teaching and into the deep truths of God’s Word one disciple at a time.

Meet Some Torah Club Leaders

Torah Club Leaders are zealous disciples who love God’s Word and God’s people. They feed the spiritually hungry with solid Bible teaching and provide the spiritually homeless with a place to call home.

  • Becky Bush

    Torah Club Troy, Alabama

    Over the past eight years Becky Bush has been utilizing the Torah Club commentary sets in some exciting places. From a Southern Baptist Sunday School class to an accredited state university course, Torah Club is making a difference in hundreds of hearts and lives.

  • Bracha Bufford

    Torah Club Tampa Bay, Florida

    Bracha Buford is a Jewish believer in Jesus who grew up in Israel to observant Jewish parents. Years of searching led her to discover the Torah Club commentaries. Now she is dedicated to illuminating these truths to others.

  • Craig Hepplewhite

    Torah Club Australia

    Torah Club is growing in the Land Down Under! Craig Hepplewhite is the Torah Club National Director in Australia, and through dedication to a vision of multiplication, his efforts are bearing fruit as new leaders are being inspired and equipped to start their own clubs.

  • Debbie Stackhouse

    Torah Club Chicago, Illinois

    Relationships are being mended and lives are being discipled, because, for Debbie Stackhouse and her large Torah Club in Chicago IL, its not just about about doctrine, but about and deeds. Debbie is also an ordained Assemblies of God minister and shares her vision.

  • Keith Price

    Torah Club Bakersfield, California

    Torah Clubs are often a combination of a very diverse group of people. Keith Price leads one such club in Bakersfield, CA where one Jewish believer has found a path through Torah Study to unite the faith of his youth as a Bar Mitzvah boy, and his current faith in Yeshua.

Become a Torah Club Leader

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Will you help the disciples of Jesus reconnect to the foundations of their faith? Will you help restore disciples to a deeper knowledge of the Word of God for the sake of the kingdom?

Application Requirements

FFOZ Friends at the Ally or Pillar level are eligible to become Torah Club Leaders.

However, since Torah Club Leaders are an integral part of the First Fruits of Zion teaching mission, we need to ensure that we share the same perspectives and goals, and an affirmation agreement has to be signed during the application process. There are no additional fees or costs involved.

FFOZ Friends at the Companion level need to upgrade their support to become eligible for Torah Club Leadership.

If you have a desire to become a Torah Club leader and are not an FFOZ Friend, sign up today.

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