We're excited to present the lectures from our recent Leadership Conference. See and experience the mission of Torah Club, and learn how you can become a part of building the Kingdom.

The world has unraveled. The kingdom needs leaders.

Malchut 2020 Lectures

The Kingdom Needs You

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Ryan Lambert
Ryan Lambert, Torah Club Outreach

Malchut means "Kingdom." It's our annual conference exclusively for FFOZ Friends and Torah Club leaders. At Malchut 2020 we presented great end-times teaching from a Messianic Jewish perspective! This year, with everything the world is suffering, we decided to swing open the doors and open the content up to everyone. Why? Because we need leaders, now more than ever. We feel a sense of urgency about the times, and we want to get the message of the Kingdom out to everyone. Enjoy these free teachings from Malchut 2020, and pray with us about joining our mission as a Torah Club leader. You can start a club and make an impact and help build the kingdom.