Session 7

Navigating Relationships

Political acrimony and polarization are making conversations and relationships more difficult these days. It seems no one is immune to dealing with conflict whether with family members, neighbors, or fellow members of the body of Messiah. How do we transcend differences, and learn to like the people with whom we disagree? How do we get past the “good guys vs bad guys” mentality? How do we evaluate the worth of our fellow human beings beyond questions of whether they are right or wrong? Disciples are held to a lofty standard. Regardless of the ever-increasing anti-religion perspective, we’re still called to toe the line of peace-making. There is no mystery—it begins with us. When standing before God, we will be judged based on how we treated other people, not on the basis of which political party we voted for or winning theological arguments. We must learn the way, now more than ever.

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