Session 4

The Obstacle Is the Way

There is a high cost to taking up the mantle of discipleship. Shifting moral ground has inverted cultural value systems and shaken the foundation. Allegiance to the Bible’s teachings, which have represented goodness and morality for millennia, is now regarded as immoral. Though it’s not a new idea, “religious” people have come to be viewed as narrow, intolerant, and hateful when they disagree with this changing society’s definition of right and wrong. People of faith have lost their traditional role as wardens of uprightness. Those are the obstacles. Complaining about the situation is not going to fix it and yet, we hear an awful lot of that. The world doesn’t need more complainers. We need champions. We need people who face these challenges with strength and tenacity. The kingdom needs people with vision who see the current difficulties and know that our calling is not an easy one. We must be about the Father’s business, even against the rising tide of godlessness. We must learn that the obstacle is the way.

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