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It’s Here: Season 2 of Jesus, My Rabbi!

This month, we begin our march to Jerusalem.

Club Events
Torah Club at the Southern Baptist Convention

Many Southern Baptists are drawn to Torah Club.

Torah Club Is Open for the Sermon on the Mount!

For the next five weeks, anyone can join Torah Club for a free trial membership.

Club Stories
Celebrating Passover in Torah Club

For club members, the days of celebrating Passover alone are gone!

Torah Club Vision
Torah Clubhouse in the Church

Kids at a Baltimore church love Torah Clubhouse!

Club Stories
Why Join Torah Club?

Club members are providing us with some excellent feedback. Read what members are saying.

Club Stories
A Part of the "Tribe"

It's not just any Bible study. This is Torah Club!

Torah Club Vision
Developing Leaders in Torah Club

As we grow as leaders, our capacity to expand the kingdom of God grows.

Torah Club Vision
Translating Torah Club

We are beginning to take steps to prepare for the day when Torah Club will be available in multiple languages.

Club Stories
Torah Club’s “Aha!” Moments

As members study each week, the Bible is becoming clearer and more meaningful.

Shalom Tour 2021

We are looking forward to visiting, connecting with, and encouraging you this summer!

Torah Club Vision
Club Hub Connections

Connecting the Global Torah Club Family

Club Events
Leaders’ Enrichment with Dr. Jennifer Rosner

The holiness of Yeshua through the lens of ritual purity in Leviticus

Canceling Malchut 2021 and Looking Ahead

The conference has been canceled, but we have some good news.

Torah Club Vision
The Leaders’ Roundtable

A time for club leaders to be strengthened and encouraged

Jesus, My Rabbi Has Begun!

Jesus, My Rabbi Has Begun!

Club Stories
Celebrating the Holidays in Torah Club

Enjoying the festivals is a special part of Torah Club.

Introducing Torah Club Talks

A new collection of conversations with leaders who have been influenced by Torah Club

COVID Restrictions and Torah Club

Now may be the ideal time to start or join a club.

Announcing Jesus My Rabbi

A collection of short video stories at that express the heart behind the new Jesus, My Rabbi Torah Club study track.

Club Events
Good ol’ Torah Club, Torah Club in Tennessee!

Tennessee’s Torah Club Leaders gather for an evening of fellowship and a look at Jesus, My Rabbi.

Torah Club Vision
Jesus, My Rabbi - A Sneak Peek with Damian Eisner

The world needs a rabbi!

Torah Club Vision
Jesus, My Rabbi - A Sneak Peek with David Vermeesch

This may be the most sharable Torah Club study experience that we’ve ever offered.

Torah Club Vision
Jesus, My Rabbi - A Sneak Peek with Daniel Lancaster

A preview of the content of next year’s Torah Club study

Torah Club Vision
Jesus, My Rabbi — A Sneak Peek with Boaz Michael

A preview of the mission and vision of next year’s Torah Club study.

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