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Doing Torah in Torah Club

The Torah guides us in how to live holy lives today. One of our clubs in California demonstrated this recently.

Club Stories
The Light of Torah Shines in Scotland

William Wallace isn’t the only brave heart from Scotland.

Club Stories
From HaYesod to Torah Club

HaYesod and Torah Club work together to build the kingdom in Kansas City.

Club Stories
Torah Club Provides Purpose

How Torah Club brought a leader from “dissolution of purpose” to “enlargement of purpose.”

Club Stories
Stepping out in Faith to Start a Club

A Virginia Torah Club started with no members and now has a flourishing community!

Club Stories
Torah Club in the Land Down Under

Helping disciples to know Jesus better in Australia

Club Stories
From Church Bible Study to Torah Club

The growing kingdom impact in Tampa

Club Stories
Chag Pesach Sameach!

A Gallery of Celebration

Club Stories
Torah Club in Nashville

A place where disciples can live out the principles of Torah and Messiah.

Club Stories
Torah Club in Prison

When we talked about Joseph in prison recently, it was meaningful and personal for these men.

COVID-19 and Torah Club

Temporary provisions during the outbreak of Coronavirus.

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