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Lutherans in Torah Club

Christians are desiring Messianic Jewish teaching more now than we have seen since the days of the apostles.

Club Stories
Torah Club in Prison

When we talked about Joseph in prison recently, it was meaningful and personal for these men.

Torah Club Vision
What to Expect at Malchut 2020

Helping disciples of Yeshua to be “kingdom builders” is what the Malchut conference is all about.

Torah Club Vision
What About Galatians?

An Evening with Mark Nanos

Torah Club Vision
SBL and Torah Club

Scholarship and academia affirm the trajectory of Torah Club.

Leader Stories
Torah Club (Marriage) Connections

Torah Club connects people, even to marriage!

Torah Club Vision
The Leaders’ Roundtable

Torah Club Leaders are more than merely small-group hosts.

Leader Stories
Leader Spotlight: Debbie Stackhouse

Leaders are making it possible for people to feel spiritually alive again.

FFOZ Friends
Join us for Malchut 2020!

Malchut 2020 in sunny Orlando, Florida is going to be a Kingdom building time that you don’t want to miss!

Club Stories
Torah Club in Kuwait

Soldiers in the United States military are taking Torah Club to Kuwait.

Torah Club Vision
NT Wright and Torah Club

NT Wright thinks that Jesus has replaced the Torah. Torah Clubs seeks to fix this way of thinking.

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