Sadly, Malchut 2021 has been canceled. This is disappointing for the Torah Club family and our FFOZ Friends.

However, we have some forthcoming good news regarding how our staff will be seeking to connect with our Torah Clubs and Friends in the summer of 2021.

First, canceling Malchut 2021 was difficult to do. Malchut conferences are a fantastic time of learning and community. Each year, Torah Club leaders, students, and FFOZ Friends from around the world gather for this three-day conference. To view the lectures from Malchut 2020, please visit

Malchut conference attendees return home energized, inspired, and with lots of smiles and memories. Malchut 2021 was supposed to be in Dallas in February. However, with the pandemic still raging, it was clear that this event needed to be canceled.

Looking ahead, the next Malchut conference will be in Dallas on February 20-22 of 2022. That seems like a long time from now and we are already looking forward to it! However, we are not going to wait until then to have some important connection time with our Torah Clubs.

In the summer of 2021, First Fruits of Zion Director, Boaz Michael and his wife, Amber, will be hitting the road for a “Shalom Tour” around the United States. Soon, we will be sharing more details about this. Stay tuned!