The demand for Torah Club to be conducted online has grown exponentially since our world went on lockdown in 2020.

Torah Club will always be focused on in-person clubs. The number of those clubs will continue to increase as we see the goal of 10,000 clubs in ten years materialize. However, right now, we know many people are missing out on the opportunity to study the Bible from a Messianic Jewish perspective with other disciples because there is no club meeting in their area. With God’s help, we plan to develop a proprietary system to provide an option for an online version of Torah Club.

Last month, First Fruits of Zion took the first step forward to this goal in announcing “The Next Step,” a year-end fundraising campaign dedicated to extending the ministry’s online reach and accessibility by expanding our digital capability.

Today, a generous donor stepped forward to offer a matching contribution for all donations received from December 15-31 as part of the campaign. The donor has promised to contribute as much as $100,000 to match the combined contributions.

Every dollar given until the end of the year will be doubled until the $100,000 threshold is reached, essentially turning $100,000 instantly into $200,000! This would offer an excellent jumpstart to the online expansion plans for 2022 and beyond.

If you would like to assist First Fruits of Zion in making Torah Club accessible to a larger audience, please prayerfully consider a generous donation by December 31, 2021.

Click here to donate and enjoy the blessing of having your gift doubled.

Together, we are changing the world by advancing the kingdom’s message. Now more than ever, your prayers are desired and appreciated.