For twenty-five years, Torah Club has made an impact on thousands of people. Most are disciples who want to dig deeply into the Bible from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

Torah Club also influences leaders who have broad and diverse platforms. In the new “Torah Club Talks” series, we will converse with some of these leaders about the impact that Torah Club has had on their lives and ministries.

The first Torah Club Talk features Pastor Dr. Robby Gallaty. Pastor Robby is the Senior Pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church in Gallatin, Tennessee. In this conversation, Pastor Robby sits down with Ryan Lambert and Damian Eisner. They discuss topics such as the kingdom of God and the importance of seeing Jesus as our Rabbi. At one point in the exchange, Pastor Robby states that Torah Club is “the best commentary on the Gospels” (with reference to Chronicles of the Messiah), and he refers to it as his “go-to” resource for preaching and teaching. We are grateful that Pastor Robby and many other leaders look to Torah Club as a trusted resource as they teach the Bible to others.