Torah Clubs around the world started the journey in Jesus, My Rabbi in late October. This trip through the Gospels promises to be a ride characterized by knowing Jesus better and growing with other disciples.

Right away with Lesson One, club members experienced the depth of Jesus, My Rabbi as we studied Jesus as “the Word” in John 1:1-18. Here is an excerpt from the lesson summary for this week:

ON THIS JOURNEY: We see the revelation of the Apostle John, a first-century Galilean Jew, of the Word becoming flesh. To understand his words, we need to understand them from a first-century Galilean Jewish perspective. We’re jumping into some heady stuff. Don’t get overwhelmed; just try to get the big picture: Jesus brings the revelation and glory of God into the world of men.

Several Torah Club Members shared on Club Hub (a private, social platform for club members) about how this lesson impacted them. Here are some reflections from two Torah Club students regarding Lesson One.

A new Torah Club student in Australia named Carole said,

My very first Torah Club meeting this past Monday evening was all I had hoped for and more. We have a group of twelve disciples, including our leader Sandra. So, from Australia, shalom and looking forward to the rest of the teachings. Thank you, FFOZ and Sandra.

A student named Wayne said,

I’m so thankful for this week’s lesson, for its depth of explanation. The concept of HaShem writing a novel, then including Himself in it for the express purpose of connection with His created beings, is exciting and easy to understand. I remember another Bible teacher who said that “scientists have discovered we live in a digital reality.” I think that it really is true that we have no way as yet to comprehend the wonderful things that await us in the next dimension of being, the olam haba (World to Come).

The journey has just started, and we are looking forward to the learning that is ahead of us!

Though the new study began this week, keep in mind that you can start or join a Torah Club any time! To learn more, visit