Have you ever been in an environment where it seemed as though everyone was on the same page? Amazing things can happen when people unite around a common theme.

This is what happens each year at the Malchut Friends and Torah Club Leaders’ Conference. Malchut means "Kingdom.” The Malchut Conference is all about inspiring and equipping leaders to build the kingdom of God wherever they live.

Malchut 2020 took place at the beautiful Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida. For three days, conference attendees prayed, sang, learned from FFOZ teachers, and enjoyed sweet fellowship. The teaching included eight lectures, which addressed various questions:

  • What exactly is the kingdom?
  • What happened to the message of the kingdom and why did the church lose that hope?
  • What is the foretaste of the kingdom, and how do we get it?

If you missed Malchut 2020 in person, you missed a lot of great end-times teaching from a Messianic Jewish perspective! However, we have good news. This year, with everything the world is suffering, we decided to swing open the doors and make this year’s lectures available to everyone. Why? Because we need leaders—now more than ever. We feel a sense of urgency about the times, and we want to get the message of the kingdom out to the world. You can access all of the messages from the Malchut 2020 Conference HERE.

We hope that you will enjoy these messages. Consider joining us in person for Malchut 2021 in Dallas, Texas. The first step to being able to attend the Malchut conference is to become an FFOZ Friend. To learn more, go to friends.ffoz.org.