Malchut 2021 is moving forward! The annual First Fruits of Zion Friends and Torah Club Leaders’ conference is full steam ahead for February 14-16, 2021, in Dallas, Texas.

Malchut is a three-day conference focused on worship, learning, and community. Inspiring and informative lectures presented by the FFOZ Teaching Team are sure to encourage and excite your passion for the kingdom of God. You will leave with a new zeal, new commitment, and very likely, a whole bunch of new friends.

Due to COVID-19, some significant challenges and questions were facing us in deciding to move ahead with the conference. After much prayer and discussion, we know there has never been a more important time for Torah Club Leaders and FFOZ Friends to have this opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together as partners in this amazing mission we share. Now more than ever, after this year’s unexpected events, you might feel alone on the journey, in need of inspiration and encouragement—all of which you’ll find at Malchut 2021.

Malchut 2021 is open to FFOZ Friends and Torah Club Leaders only. However, those who are not FFOZ Friends can come as guests of FFOZ Friends through the Plus+One Program. This program allows an FFOZ Friend or Torah Club Leader to invite a non-FFOZ Friend (individual or couple) to attend Malchut and experience the excitement first-hand. You can learn more about how to become an FFOZ Friend at

The first two years of Malchut conferences have exceeded all our expectations based on the feedback we’ve gotten from conference attendees. Every year gets better, and we’re so very excited to see what HaShem has planned. More information on Malchut 2021 is coming soon, but for now, you can enjoy all of last year’s lectures at We hope to see you in Dallas in February 2021!