The Sermon on the Mount is one of the most important teachings of Jesus. Yet, it is widely misunderstood.

The problem is that this famous sermon is typically taught through the lens of replacement theology. As a result, some of Jesus’ most important teachings are misrepresented.

In Torah Club, we seek to present the Sermon on the Mount and the Gospels in their historical and Jewish context. Studying Jesus’ words in this way can help us to know and follow our Master better than we ever have before. For the next five weeks, anyone can join Torah Club for a free trial membership as we engage on an epic journey through this fundamental teaching of our Messiah. Who is this study for?

  • People who want to understand the Jewishness of Jesus.
  • People who want challenging, in-depth biblical teaching
  • People who feel as if something is missing from their understanding of the Bible
  • People who are bored of shallow, recycled Bible teaching, and stereotypical sermons
  • Anyone who wants to flourish as a disciple of Rabbi Yeshua
  • Godly men and women of all ages

Those who participate in this free study will have access to the weekly workbooks in PDF form, the audio form of the workbook, and the weekly Portion Connections videos that offer additional commentary and insights. We are confident and hopeful that many will want to continue studying with the global Torah Club family by starting or joining a club after these five weeks.

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