Tennessee is a beautiful place. Home to the beautiful Smoky Mountains, the country music capital of the world, and the birthplace of the blues, the state has a lot to offer for visitors.

In early August, Torah Club director, Ryan Lambert, Community Care Coordinator, Damian Eisner, and FFOZ Audio/Video Specialist, Jeremy Schoenwald, had the pleasure of visiting Tennessee and enjoying one of the state’s newest and most exciting attractions—a growing and excited community of Torah Clubs.

Thanks to the hospitality of Torah Club Leaders Dr. Rick and Teresa Bennett, thirty members of Tennessee’s Torah Club community, representing ten clubs from Memphis to Knoxville and in between, gathered for some kosher barbecue and Torah Club talk by the lake in Nashville. It’s truly a testimony to the excitement and commitment of these Torah Club Leaders when you consider that some of them drove over three hours one way to participate in this two-hour event. Kentucky was also represented as leaders from one Torah Club in the Bluegrass State crossed state lines to be there!

The night was filled with connection and excitement as leaders came together to soak up one of the most important aspects of what Torah Club offers—a community with like-minded believers who want to grow personally in the knowledge of God and share exciting Messianic Jewish teaching with others.

Even with some of the difficulties that COVID-19 has presented for leading a Torah Club, the discussion of what’s ahead with next year’s Torah Club Track, Jesus, My Rabbi, was electric. The leaders even got a sneak peek at some of the very exciting promotional videos that are going to be seen far and wide on social media as we move toward the launch of the next Torah Club.

Torah Club Community Care Coordinator, Damian Eisner, had this to say:

These opportunities for us to spend time with leaders on their turf provide such a great motivation for us, as we see the dedication and love that these leaders have for the mission of Torah Club in their communities. First Fruits of Zion Torah Club Leaders are doing much more than leading a Bible study. They are truly involved in reconnecting and re-engaging disciples of Yeshua to love the Word of God and the Messiah as never before. I am leaving Tennessee with an even greater excitement about the days ahead for Torah Club, and I’m confident the Tennessee leaders are, too.

There’s a famous state song, “Rocky Top,” that says, “Good ol’ Rocky Top, Rocky Top, Tennessee.” As Torah Club continues to expand in the Volunteer State, and impact more and more lives there, we can hope to hear a new version ringing out—Good ol’ Torah Club, Torah Club in Tennessee!