Quarterly Enrichment meetings are unique learning opportunities for Torah Club Leaders.

Our leaders are on the front lines. Therefore, we are committed to helping them become more equipped to serve their students regarding theology and Bible-related issues.

Recently, the Quarterly Leaders’ Enrichment meeting featured Messianic Jewish scholar Dr. Jennifer Rosner. Jen holds academic posts at Fuller Theological Seminary, The King’s University, Azusa Pacific University, and Messianic Jewish Theological Institute. Jen’s passion is to teach and write about the relationship between Judaism and Christianity and how the divide between them is being questioned and challenged in our day. You can learn more about Jen at jenrosner.com.

During the meeting, Jen taught from the Gospel of Matthew with a focus on the outward expansion of holiness that comes through Yeshua and seeing this through the lens of ritual purity in Leviticus. It was an excellent teaching.

When people apply for leadership, we tell them that Torah Club Leaders are an extension of the FFOZ teaching mission. Thus, we are committed to helping them grow. We see great value in exposing our leaders to the top scholars in the world who are developing ideas related to Messianic Jewish teaching. As our leaders become stronger, Torah Club becomes stronger!