Torah Club has always been centered on learning. After all, it is “where disciples learn.” But there’s a second and equally important component that inevitably develops when people come together to study and learn the Bible together—connection.

It’s not just any connection, i.e., people getting together at the same time and same place once a week. Torah Club creates something more than that. It could be described as an identity connection within a community. In other words, it’s not just studying. Torah Club Members are part of something special, something with a unique identity, like nothing else in the world—“We are a Torah Club.”

This was exemplified so beautifully in a recent communication we received from the Torah Clubs of Kent, Ohio:

“The growth and hunger for more within our group seem to increase each week. We are in unison when we say Torah Club has been the calming influence in our lives as the world around us continues to be divisive…eighteen souls have not only been changed, but they are witnessing daily to others around them.”