For many Torah Club members, there was a time when they had no one with whom to celebrate Passover. Those days are gone now that they are part of Torah Club.

Torah Club is “where disciples learn.” But it’s also a place where friends come together to celebrate the biblical holidays.

Passover lasts for a full week. On the first night of the holiday, a special meal is prepared, known as the Passover Seder. During this meal, many symbols are present on the table to remind us of the story of redemption found in the book of Exodus.

There are additional layers of meaning found in the Seder for disciples of Jesus as we recall our Master’s final meal with His disciples. During that final Passover Seder, the gospels recorded Jesus connecting various Passover symbols to His mission of redemption. Many of our Torah Clubs use Passover resources produced by First Fruits of Zion to guide them through the traditional Seder from a Messianic Jewish perspective.[1]

On Club Hub [2], clubs from around the world posted pictures and highlights from their Passover Seders. Dr. B.J. Yun leads a Torah Club in South Korea. B.J. had this to say about his Seder:

This was my first Passover meal experience with my Torah Club members. Since we cannot meet as a group of more than five, we limited attendance to four people. Because it was our first attempt, we made mistakes here and there, but we learned a lot.

I invited two potential leaders for Korean-speaking Torah Clubs, and the African brother (pictured) was my student five years ago. He is from Nigeria, a pastor and government officer (Education Ministry Department) who just returned to finish his degree after five years break on that Sunday.

He became interested in Torah Club right away. Maybe he can be a leader for Torah Club in Nigeria as he finishes study here!

Passover is a beautiful time to remember God’s faithfulness and salvation. It’s a holiday that is designed to be celebrated with others. In addition to the learning that takes place each week, Torah Club is also a place to find community and opportunities to celebrate the holidays together. If you are one of those who are still in a position of isolation, consider starting or joining a Torah Club today!

  1. For beginners, we have a Passover resource called The Master’s Table available HERE. We also have a complete traditional Passover Haggadah for disciples of Jesus: The Vine of David Passover Haggadah available HERE.
  2. Club Hub is a private, social platform for club members where Torah Club news, questions, and insights are shared. Club Hub allows members from around the world to connect with and learn from each other.