“The Biblical holidays have so much meaning, but we are isolated here and so we celebrate them by ourselves.”

“I wish there were other people we could celebrate the Jewish holidays with.”

“I want to celebrate God’s appointed times like Jesus did, but I don’t want to do it alone.”

We have heard comments like these for many years. There is a widespread problem. Many followers of Yeshua want to celebrate the biblical holidays, but they do not have anyone with whom to celebrate.

Thankfully, Torah Club is helping to solve this problem. With a growing global network of over 600 Torah Clubs, now it is possible for many more people to not only experience great learning and community each week but to also celebrate the Jewish holidays with new friends. Many Torah Clubs around the world plan special times for their clubs to celebrate holidays such as Rosh HaShanah, Sukkot, and Passover. Below are some reports from Club Leaders who led fall holiday celebrations this year.

From Pat in Pennsylvania:

Our Torah Club had a wonderful Rosh HaShanah celebration and we are looking forward to Yom Kippur and Sukkot. We will be doing a private/personal Yom Kippur but will meet for Sukkot.

There was a question of the relevance of Yom Kippur for us as Yeshua followers. I decided to pull my Yom Kippur Siddur [Jewish Prayer Book] and read some portions to my students. They were very touched and found it quite beautiful, and as a result, its observance made more sense to them…My students also have been using the 60 Days: A Spiritual Guide to the High Holidays by Simon Jacobson. It has been meaningful for them and deepening their faith and appreciation for the feasts of the Lord. It is traditional and not Messianic but that’s the beauty of Torah Club—we are the bridge.

From Sally in Texas:

We celebrated Rosh HaShanah and had a wonderful time learning about the LORD's appointed time. Celebrating the festivals was new to some of our students. They loved the round challah and apples dipped in honey [for Rosh HaShanah]. We said the prayers over each food we ate. We listened to the blowing of the shofar and discussed repentance. They learned the Hebrew "L' Shanah Tovah.” They are learning Torah and are excited to learn about Yeshua.

Torah Club is where disciples learn. It is also a place where disciples make new friends and can celebrate God’s appointed times together. If you are experiencing the problem of “spiritual isolation,” Torah Club may be a great solution. Please visit torahclub.org to learn how to start or join a club.