The Torah Club family is very diverse when it comes to our leaders and students. One of the common features of each club is that there is frequently an interesting story in how God brought the club together to start.

The story continues when the club begins to grow and multiply. The story of Bracha Buford’s Torah Club, just outside of Tampa, Florida, is certainly an account of God working to bring together a group of people who are having a growing impact on the kingdom of God. Recently, we sat down with Bracha to hear how this story started and is continuing.

Bracha, tell us how your Torah Club came together?

Our group started when I was teaching a Jewish roots class in a church that I used to attend. I discussed the importance of the Torah and that Yeshua did not do away with it. As a result of this class, we started celebrating Shabbat together. Then, we began celebrating the biblical holidays also. Eventually, I found the Torah Club materials when they were in the old format and started using it. I loved it and so did the students in my class. Then, I led a trip to Israel. When we came back from Israel, everyone wanted more Bible learning from a Jewish perspective. We kept moving forward; but the biggest step forward was when the new, current Torah Club format was launched. It was perfect, and our group was ready for it. One of the great benefits of Torah Club is that it makes us feel as if we are part of something much bigger than our club. We are connected to a much larger network.

Tell us about the new leaders that have emerged from your club?

People in my club have started new clubs in various places. Some have started a Torah Club with friends who go to church in order to get people interested in Torah Club. One of the women in my club is a teacher in a Christian school. She started a Torah Club for the teachers at the school. She also teaches what she is learning to the students in her Bible class at school. During the next cycle, I expect that we will have two more clubs birthed out of my club. Sometimes people need a little push to step out and lead, so I try to give them encouragement. I’m here to help them at any time.