Torah Clubs form in different ways around the world. One common way that clubs take shape is through First Fruits of Zion’s HaYesod resource (

Hayesod is a 10-week discipleship course that explores the Jewish foundations of the faith. Carolyn Walla is a Torah Club Leader in Kansas City, Missouri. She sat down with us recently to discuss the impact that HaYesod had on the formation of her Torah Club.

Tell us about the HaYesod groups that you have been running for many years.

When the most recent edition of the HaYesod: The Foundation course came out, I was thrilled with it. I had been praying for a curriculum that I could take Christians through to introduce them to the foundations of the faith from a Jewish perspective. When I first went through this course, I knew it was an answer to my prayers. After going through it myself, I invited my husband and some others to join me. My first HaYesod group was on a Thursday night, and they loved it. After the first group, more people expressed interest. That developed into a routine of me leading HaYesod groups every fall and spring. Over the years, I have led thirty-six HaYesod classes. The key to this was being available for God to use me through this resource.

How did your experience with HaYesod prepare you for Torah Club?

For students, a common question after completing HaYesod is, “what’s next?” Torah Club is the answer to that! The learning experience in HaYesod provides great preparation for what they will learn in Torah Club. As a leader, I gained invaluable knowledge through HaYesod. It prepared me to answer a lot of questions that I receive as a leader in Torah Club.