We like to say, “starting a Torah Club is easy.” In many ways, it is, but committing to lead anything requires a step of faith.

Terri and Andrew Cheong had no existing group of people to start with over a year ago, but they felt God was leading them to step up and step out in faith to begin a Torah Club. They are glad they did! Recently, we sat down with Andrew and Terri so they could tell us a bit of their story about starting what has become a flourishing Torah Club with twenty-four members.

What inspired you to want to start a Torah Club?

For us, Torah Club had been our main source of Bible study even before the new format. We used the older Torah Club commentaries to teach Bible studies at our church. We were excited when we learned that there would be a new format for Torah Club. It wasn’t until we attended Malchut 2019 that we felt as though God was leading us to start a club. The conference was very inspiring! We came home and continued to pray, and then we stepped out and got started. We are thankful that we did. Even though we attend a church, in some ways, we still felt alone because we embrace Messianic Judaism. With Torah Club, we now have a community of people who share our desire to grow in knowing the Jewish Jesus. Our club meets every Saturday. It has been great.