Part of the Torah Club vision is to be a place “where disciples learn” from one end of the globe to the other. One way this happening is through the participation of soldiers in the United States military who have joined the Torah Club family.

Torah Club leader Ted Waggoner, is currently serving in Kuwait. While on deployment, Ted leads a Torah Club with one of his fellow soldiers, Jamila. Ted and Jamila meet weekly and study the parshah along with the rest of the global Torah Club community. Recently, Ted and Jamila wrote to us about the impact that Torah Club is having. Here’s what Ted had to say:

As I have been on this walk with my wife, Jenni, I am blessed to have a view of our King of the universe that I never had before. Before, I did not see the full relevance of the “Old Testament” with its words of prophecy for all of those words were for the “New Israel” for the old Israel had missed their chance. I was one of “those guys” who would say that I have been grafted in but the graft, itself, was all that I could see.
As I, with my fellow soldier begin Shadows of the Messiah I am excited for the new things that Hashem through His Spirit will show us. Already, the material is deeper and gives the invitation of a deeper walk through this study. I am thankful for FFOZ and the ability to access the study material online.
Hashem truly has done and is doing amazing wonders among us. He is totally other and stands alone as our God Most High, The King Of The Universe.

Ted’s first student in Kuwait, Jamila, describes how Ted, Jenni, and Torah Club have impacted her:

They never gave up on me and kept sending me Torah portions, so I could study. I'll be honest, not having a faithful group with whom to fellowship, made studying on my own difficult. So, Teddy and I decided to have a go at it and take our Torah study to Kuwait. Every single week, without fail, since getting on ground has been a blessing! Torah has challenged me as a leader, as a wife, as a woman, and as a Kingdom Warrior. God’s proven time and time again that He's in the smallest of details of my life, in my husband's life, and in my children's lives. There's no turning back, for me. I'm all His! I KNOW that my redeemer lives!

HaShem is using Torah Club to impact men and women in the military and helping them to grow as disciples of Yeshua, even as they serve.