Torah Club is about understanding the Bible and finding fellowship. We are creating serious, small-group study fellowships around the world where disciples of Jesus study the Bible from a Jewish perspective.

Recently, we sat down with one of our Nashville, Tennessee, Torah Club leaders, Ruben Ramos, to learn about how their club got started and what they are looking forward to learning as we enter our time in the book of Leviticus.

Tell us about how your club got started?

My Torah Club co-leader, Jonathan, agreed that a group of us in Nashville needed to participate in Torah Club from the beginning [when the new Torah Club launched in the fall of 2018]. Torah Club is a unique opportunity to study the Torah and the Jewishness of the New Testament. We wanted to create this opportunity in Nashville.

When we began, we had an existing group of 8-10 people who were meeting together to study the Bible. Torah Club gave us the organization and structure that we were lacking. Also, Jonathan and I both have families, so creating teaching content is never easy. We love Torah Club because the teaching content is done for us!

What does your club look like?

Our club is diverse. Our youngest member is fourteen; our oldest is in her sixties and members every age in between—twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties. We have the whole gamut! I love the diversity. Each age group brings a refreshing perspective. Being able to hear from people who have had faith for a long time is very helpful for the younger generation. Not surprisingly, some of our older members are being challenged to look at familiar Bible texts in a new way.