One of the strengths of Torah Club is that it is providing opportunities for people to come together to study the Scriptures, even in remote and unexpected locations.

If there is a willing leader and a minimum of one student, a Torah Club can begin! Last fall, two Torah Clubs were birthed in an unlikely location—a Federal prison in Colorado. Helene Dallaire and Stewart Lieberman share the leadership of these clubs. Recently, Helene sat down with us to discuss these unique Torah Clubs.

Torah Club Staff: Helene, tell us about the prison and the students in your clubs?

Helene: We have two Torah Clubs at FCI Englewood, which is a federal prison. One of the clubs meets in a minimum-security section of the prison, and the other club meets in the medium-security section. Most of the men who have joined Torah Club have various Christian backgrounds. They are drawn to Messianic teaching because they feel as though that has been a missing piece in their understanding of the Bible. During our club meetings on Fridays, we also do some of the Erev Shabbat liturgy and light candles. The men love this!

Torah Club Staff: How did these clubs get started?

Helene: I live not far from the prison. I started praying for the prisoners as I would drive by. Shortly thereafter, I received a call from the prison chaplain about starting a Messianic Bible study, and I agreed to lead the study. Torah Club has brought a level of organization and consistency to our study that we needed.