Becky Bush was burned out and bored with what she was learning in church. It was the same “salvation message” week after week.

She knew there was more. Eventually, she discovered Bible teaching that gave her a new sense of energy and purpose. Now, Becky is leading a thriving Torah Club in Troy, Alabama, that has birthed several new clubs. Recently, we sat down with Becky to discuss her journey.

Becky, tell us about your background as a Christian. How were you raised, and what role has church played in your life?

I have been in church my whole life! I was raised Methodist, but I have been involved with several Protestant denominations. I have explored a lot. Currently, I am a member of a Southern Baptist Church and have been for some time. I grew up in Pennsylvania, and a big part of my upbringing was Children’s Bible Mission (CBM Ministries). This was a great ministry where you memorized Bible verses. My mom was a volunteer with CBM, and I started attending in third grade. I lived with that organization and its programming. That’s where I gained my love for the Word and the Scripture.

At what point did you begin to explore the Jewish foundations of Christianity?

That was nine years ago in 2011. At that time, I was struggling with burnout. I was on a church staff and felt a “dissolution of purpose.” Everything was about getting to heaven and telling other friends how to get there. Things were very narrow. I had been studying Scripture for a long time, and it seemed like there was nothing new. I was fifty years old, and I was bored with church. I was also bumping up against replacement theology boundaries that involved learning the same things inside of a small box over and over. Unexpectedly, I picked up a copy of a book by FFOZ’s Daniel Lancaster. What I read rang so true. I knew I needed to find out where this came from, and I wanted more of it!