One of Torah Club’s six promises is that it will take you on an in-depth journey into the Bible.

This happens because we immerse members in the Scriptures by reading the Bible with Jewish eyes, and we teach from a Messianic Jewish perspective. With this approach to Bible study, members frequently experience what we call “aha!” moments.

An “aha!” moment happens when members make a connection or gain clarity that deepens their understanding of the Bible. In this year’s Jesus, My Rabbi study, we have been hearing many reports from members about the “aha!” moments they are experiencing as they dig deep into this study of the Gospels. We thought you would enjoy hearing a sampling of some “aha!” moments taking place each week in the Jesus, My Rabbi Torah Club study.

Lora shared the following “aha!” moment:

“When Yeshua is present, it is as if the boundary that separates this current age from the kingdom has become permeable, and the kingdom is leaking through it.” This statement brought a new awareness of just how near the kingdom really is. It gave me renewed hope and longing. Interestingly, every member of our Torah Club had highlighted that sentence independently of one another.

Patricia had this to say:

Reading in Revelation and coming across unclean birds and wondering if everything was considered clean after Yeshua, I wondered how and what are unclean birds? After that, the flood gates opened. What I thought I knew did not even align with what Scripture says. Then I started to look at everything I believed and whether it could be backed by Scripture. I asked God for help. I told Him, I am not sure what is right; I just knew I wanted Him to be my God and me to be one of His people! I wanted to serve Him and do it His way. Help me find the answers! Did I ever imagine it would bring me here? Nope, I had no idea “this—Torah” even existed. Five years ago, I prayed that, and it is my third year of the Torah Cycle, and when God answered my prayer, He really answered my prayer!

Donald had this new realization:

My aha! moment came last week when I realized that the miracles of Yeshua were living, here-and-now parables of the kingdom. His parables were stories that were heard; his miracles were singular events that were witnessed. It was the same message, yet different ways of communicating it.

We are thankful to hear how God is illuminating hearts and minds in Torah Club. As members study each week, the Bible is becoming clearer and more meaningful to them. We are looking forward to hearing more “aha!” moments from our members in the days to come.