Why join Torah Club? Naturally, you will get a long list of answers from us in answer to this question!

Instead of doing that, we would love for you to hear from Torah Club Members around the world about how Torah Club is impacting them.

Recently, we conducted a “club-wide” survey to hear from our members about what they are enjoying about Torah Club and how we can make it better. Club members provided excellent feedback, which our staff is evaluating carefully. They shared many ideas that we are considering how to implement. Here is what some club members said about their experience in Torah Club.

• Torah Club has provided many “aha” moments and given me further understanding of the Scriptures that had puzzled me before. Some of the teachings have rocked what I have been taught. For example, the gospel message is “repent for the kingdom of God is at hand” as opposed to simply believing in Jesus for salvation.

• I so look forward to my Torah Club. Everyone has become like family. I learn so much every week, and I cannot say enough good about being a member.

• Torah Club has made a multitude of connections between the Old and New Testaments, which has deepened and expanded the way I understand the Bible.

• I have learned more about the Bible in the last sixteen months than I have in the last thirty years. My major challenge is finding enough time to study the Torah Club material and read the Bible.

• Torah Club has met my need to learn more about Yeshua, and it has also met my need for community.

• Each week, I am amazed at how this study is opening my understanding of the Bible. It is like a camera lens that has been slightly out of focus and has now been turned and is finely focused on its object! It is amazing!!

We are grateful for the positive and helpful feedback our members are providing to us. We are deeply blessed to hear the difference Torah Club is making in the lives of people around the world. If you are not a club member, we encourage you to consider starting or joining a club so you can enjoy the great learning and community that takes place each week in Torah Club!