Could you benefit from some great teaching, community, and fun in the sun in February of 2020? That’s what is going to happen at the Malchut 2020 Friends and Torah Club Leaders Conference in Orlando, Florida. This is a time you don’t want to miss!

If you were at Malchut 2019 in Atlanta, you know that we had a fantastic time of learning, worship, and community. Malchut 2019 was just plain fun to be at! There is no better feeling than to be among like-minded disciples who are committed to a shared mission.

Once again in 2020, people will be coming from all over the world to attend the Malchut Conference. And people are willing to make that kind of investment because being together to experience “Kingdom Community” is something that we all need.

We had lots of people that were not able to attend the Malchut conference last year. Many of those people felt like they missed out. You are not going to want to miss out on the great things that are going to happen in Orlando.

At Malchut 2020, you’ll build friendships with FFOZ Friends and Torah Club leaders from around the world. You’ll also hear testimonies from various Torah Club leaders that will both encourage and challenge you. And as always, you are going to get inspired and learn from the messages delivered by the FFOZ teaching team. Everything at the Malchut conference is designed to build you up and encourage you in your own role and work in the Kingdom!

We want to encourage you to register now for this important event. But before you do, here are a few more details. Malchut 2020 is going to begin on Sunday, February 16th at 5 PM and it ends on Tuesday, February 18th at 5 PM - although we encourage attendees to stay for the Malchut community building event on Tuesday night after the conference.