The success of Torah Club depends upon the volunteers from around the world who have stepped up for “such a time as this” to lead people in the study of God’s Word. Torah Club Leaders do not have to be gifted teachers. but they do have to be Kingdom-minded disciples who have a burden to see other disciples grow in learning the Scriptures and applying its truths to their lives.

In places like New York, Kansas City, Hong Kong, and South Africa, regular people have answered “Yes!” to God’s call to become Torah Club Leaders. And these leaders have the privilege to see their Torah Club students grow in faith every week. One such leader is Debbie Stackhouse, who lives in the greater Chicago area. Recently, Debbie took some time to answer a few questions about what is happening in her club.

Torah Club Staff: Debbie, tell us how the current Torah Club study, Shadows of the Messiah, is having an impact on your students?

Debbie: They are excited about it. We let them know up front that this study was going to go deep. And Shadows of the Messiah is very deep. My students are seeing things in the Torah that they have never seen before. And they are seeing Yeshua in the Torah in ways that they have never seen before. The videos are really helping also. … it helps them to love HaShem so much more.