Many followers of Yeshua who have embraced the Torah feel isolated and alone. Some think that they are the only ones who believe that the Torah plays a central role in what it means to be a disciple today.

Torah Club is helping to solve this problem by connecting local disciples through small learning communities. Torah Club also connects local communities to a global network of like-minded disciples who are learning to know and follow Yeshua better.

Within the past year, one of our Torah Club connection opportunities resulted in an engagement! While at Malchut 2019 (FFOZ’s leadership international conference for Friends and Torah Club leaders), Jordan (from Kentucky) and Taylor (from Texas) met for the first time. After the Malchut conference, they began dating and recently became engaged. Here is some of their story (told by Jordan):

FFOZ: Jordan, tell us how you and Taylor met at Malchut 2019?

Jordan: By coincidence, I sat at a table where I wasn’t meaning to sit and ended up sitting next to Taylor. Part of the Malchut conference includes ice breaker and discussion opportunities with other attendees. This gave us the opportunity to start talking and seeing how much we had in common. We ended up chatting after the evening session that night and it turned out that we were both raised in similar type homes. After this first encounter, we ended up sitting next to each other the rest of the conference!

FFOZ: I’ve heard you say that the Malchut conference was a great place to meet your future wife. Why do you say this?

Jordan: Being that Messianic Judaism is so important to me, I knew that it needed to be in my marriage. There are not many Messianic people my age. There are even fewer who are seriously committed to a Torah lifestyle. Malchut was a natural place to find someone who shared these values. I was very happy to find that Taylor shared these same values that I have. We are very thankful that we had the Malchut conference to provide the opportunity to meet. We are looking forward to raising our family with these values in place.

FFOZ: How do you and Taylor plan to continue to be involved in Torah Club?

Jordan: This Torah Club cycle I started my own Torah Club in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This summer, Taylor will join me in Kentucky after we get married, and we are planning on having a Torah Club together in our home.

Torah Club takes people deep into the Bible. It is “where disciples learn.” But Torah Club is also about community and connection. Torah Club provided a connection point for Taylor and Jordan to meet. The Torah Club team wishes them many blessings as they begin their family. We hope that Torah Club will help to strengthen their family for generations to come!