Torah Club is “where disciples learn” in small, local groups around the world. Great learning and spiritual connection take place each week as disciples gather to study the Bible together.

But in Torah Club, learning and connection goes beyond participation in local clubs. Torah Club membership also includes access to Club Hub, where members around the world can connect.

Club Hub is Torah Club’s private, online social platform. Twenty-four hours a day, Club Hub is open for members to post questions, comments, reflections, and pictures. Club Hub provides the opportunity for members around the world to make new friends and learn with others far beyond their local club. One club member may post a question and it may get answered by another member on the other side of the world! Here are some items that have been shared on Club Hub recently:

  • Rod posted the following question: “Could someone explain or give a commentary on Eph 2:15 as it relates to replacement theology?”
  • Joy posted the following personal insight: “Lesson 4 (Son of David) really had me thinking about David and the similarities of experiences he and Yeshua had. So many of David’s Psalms (like Psalm 69) have references to experiences that are what Yeshua encountered but were also experienced by David.”
  • Kelly posted the following comment: “How’s everyone’s Chanukah plans for family festivities coming along? I’m getting excited to have my club participate and learn this year.”

In a year when making community connections has been challenging, we are thankful Club Hub has provided a virtual space for Torah Club members to interact with a family of like-minded disciples!