Torah Club is where disciples learn. It is a place where we come together each week to study the Scriptures together in community. We do that from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

Not only that, Torah Club is a place where leaders grow and multiply. Leaders are the key to the success of Torah Club. And our staff team is honored to partner with those who have stepped out in faith to lead local clubs each week.

Because leaders are so critical to the Torah Club mission, we are committed to helping our leaders grow and become the best they can be. One of the big ways we do that is through our quarterly Roundtable and Enrichment meetings. These quarterly Zoom meetings are designed to help our leaders excel. As we grow as leaders, our capacity to expand the kingdom of God grows. That is what we are all about in Torah Club!

This month, we had our first 2021 Leaders’ Roundtable. The teaching emphasis centered on the importance of adapting as leaders. Every leader must adapt to changing circumstances if they want to lead effectively. Community Care Director Damian Eisner put it this way during the Roundtable: “Leaders who thrive are able to adapt and help others adapt.” Damian also talked about how leaders have the role of helping those they influence to think in new ways. He said, “Leadership requires disturbing people, but at a rate they can absorb.”

Every week in Torah Club, members gain insights about the Jewish Jesus that frequently challenge them to see our Messiah differently than before. This can be exciting, but also unsettling. Good leaders help their students to walk through this with sensitivity and wisdom. That is what we seek to cultivate in our Torah Club Leaders. Torah Club is where disciples learn…and it is where leaders grow!