Last week, the Torah Club teaching team had three days of planning meetings in Marshfield, Missouri. The sessions were intense and productive! We’d like to share some exciting news to give you a glimpse of what is ahead in Torah Club.

First, we held the meetings in Marshfield, Missouri, because this is the home of First Fruits of Zion’s administrative offices. Additionally, the Marshfield office is where we produce and ship the Torah Club materials. We are proud of our staff and facility in Marshfield. They do an excellent job, and it is an impressive operation! Meeting in Marshfield was an encouragement to the teaching team. We were all reminded of the critical role that our dedicated team in Marshfield plays in the Torah Club family.

During the meetings, we developed a detailed plan for next year’s Torah Club track. At Malchut 2020 in February, we announced that Chronicles of the Messiah would be next year’s study (beginning in the fall of 2020). Last week, we advanced with a focused plan and decided that we are going to title next year’s study Jesus, My Rabbi. The content of this study will center on the Gospels and will come directly from Chronicles of the Messiah. Torah Club members around the world are going to know Jesus better by learning to understand Him as a rabbi, and more personally as “my rabbi.”

The Jesus, My Rabbi study track will take us deep into the parables and miracles of the Master, and will include careful attention on Jesus’ death and resurrection. The teaching team was filled with excitement and joy as we thought about the impact that Jesus, My Rabbi is going to have on disciples around the world. Because of the focus on the Gospels from a Jewish perspective, we are hopeful that many Christians will want to start or join a Torah Club.

Currently, Torah Club is comprised of five hundred leaders and thousands of students around the world. They are the heart and soul of Torah Club. Every week, the kingdom of God is growing through their efforts. Our staff is dedicated to providing the Torah Club family with the tools they need to walk more closely with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We are confident that the Marshfield meetings were a positive step in that direction!