Most people think that Jesus “fulfilled” the Torah in the sense that he canceled it. This way of thinking was expressed in a presentation that several of the FFOZ staff attended last month in Birmingham, Alabama. The presentation featured N.T. Wright, who is one of the most influential Christian theologians in the world.

N.T Wright has contributed positively to understanding the New Testament within the context of Judaism. At the same time, Wright believes that Jesus requires a removal of Jewish particulars. N.T. Wright denies advocating replacement theology, but his books and lectures make it clear that he does. Speaking of the early church in his book “Paul,” Dr. Wright says, “Wherever they went, they established groups, little revolutionary cells, and propagated this new teaching, putting Jesus in the center of the picture and displacing the ancient Israelite symbols, up to and including the Temple itself.” He is saying that Jesus has replaced the Torah. Dr. Wright has plenty of company in this viewpoint. This is a problem that Torah Club seeks to correct. This year’s featured Torah Club track, Shadows of the Messiah, addresses this head on.

It is exciting to see Yeshua in the Torah, but it’s also inspiring to see how Yeshua and the Torah go hand in hand. They aren’t incompatible at all. Shadows of the Messiah brings amazing insights and revelations about the Messiah’s nature and mission, and that helps Torah Club members better know Yeshua and better follow him.

If you are not in a club, look into joining one. And if there’s not one near you, consider starting one! You are not going to want to miss out!