Torah Club is a movement that is cultivating restoration in the kingdom of God. Close to five hundred Torah Clubs worldwide are returning the Torah to the disciples of Yeshua.

From the standpoint of Torah Club staff and members, this is a prophetic move of HaShem. It is also significant that there are growing trends in the world of scholarship and academia that affirm the trajectory of Torah Club.

Last month, several Torah Club staff attended the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) conference in San Diego, California. Being in this venue positioned them to interact with the top Bible scholars in the world and attend cutting-edge presentations promoting the latest Bible scholarship.

One of the strong trends happening in Pauline studies is the acknowledgment of how closely connected to the synagogues Paul’s disciples were. One presentation, delivered by a scholar who specializes in late Second Temple-era synagogue life, argued that Paul had a strong expectation that his Gentile audience would attend synagogue and learn Torah there along with the Jewish people. This scholar noted that “for Paul to expect Gentiles to maintain a Jew-ish identity, he must envision a setting for that identity to be cultivated and shaped around Jewish teaching for Gentiles.” This statement was an example of many ideas shared at SBL that affirmed the trajectory of both First Fruits of Zion and Torah Club.

First Fruits of Zion is not suggesting that in modern times, all Gentiles should start attending local synagogues. Many Torah Club members do attend either Messianic synagogues or traditional synagogues. Of course, many of our Torah Club members attend churches. For various reasons, it is not always possible or advisable for Gentiles to be personally connected to a synagogue. However, the above idea affirms a key principle upheld in Torah Club. Namely, Torah Club envisions Paul placing a premium value upon “Jewish teaching for Gentiles.” In other words, Paul assumed that Jews would be learning Torah in the synagogues, but he also thought it to be of fundamental importance that Gentile disciples of Yeshua learn Torah as well. This is what Torah Club is accomplishing today all over the world.

Torah Club is providing opportunities for both Jewish and Gentile disciples to learn and appropriately apply the Torah. We are doing this in a manner that honors Jewish interpretation of Scripture and keeps Yeshua central. We are thankful that the work of Torah Club is helping to restore the prophetic vision that scholars affirm was historically central to Paul’s thinking and mission.