The Bible is coming alive again for Torah Clubs across the world. Every day, testimonies come to First Fruits of Zion from students who are re-engaging with the Bible, and particularly the Old Testament, as they study through the Torah Club materials. The club members are engaged in new and exciting discoveries and discussions and they say they’re learning more about God than ever before.

Torah Club learning extends beyond the Bible and further than just the student experience. While students love the knowledge they are obtaining in their clubs, leaders are also growing through education outside the club. When someone becomes a Torah Club Leader, they are invited to participate in regular leadership training events offered through Torah Club Leader Support. These quarterly meetings, called the Leaders’ Roundtable, are designed to help Torah Club Leaders be the best they can be in their role.

The last training of 2019 held last week was a particularly important one as it focused on the leader’s most important skill: effective communication. Using the ministry values of First Fruits of Zion as a blueprint, the training developed the idea and importance of presenting a confident and forthright message with grace, integrity, and peace. Torah Club Leaders appreciated the content and the replay is available here for all leaders to watch.

The Leaders’ Roundtable is an opportunity to learn and develop the identity of a leader, i.e., thoughts and attitudes that build both the confidence and real-world skills to influence and guide others through Messianic Jewish Bible study. Torah Club is a small-group Bible study, but Roundtables encourage leaders to think even beyond small groups. The job begins in living rooms and coffee shops where Torah Clubs are hosted, but many leaders feel a call to impact their cities on a larger scale. Sharing the message of the kingdom from a Messianic Jewish perspective is not always an easy job. The Leaders’ Roundtable provides training to tackle the task with confidence.