What does it mean when FFOZ says, “Torah Club is no longer about books. Torah Club is about people.” Here’s an example from a trip that Torah Club Director, Ryan Lambert, made last month.

Ryan was in Toronto representing First Fruits of Zion and Torah Club at the Lausanne Consultation for Jewish Evangelism (LCJE). While in Toronto, he also had the privilege of leading a “Paul within Judaism” seminar at a local Messianic congregation. Ryan said this, “The meetings went well, but the best part was the fact that four different Torah Clubs attended. Some drove long distances and many hours to be there. The leaders and students from that region made it clear that Torah Club provides them with a community of people in which they can grow and learn together.” Torah Club members say that they enjoy the Torah Club resources and the insights they are learning, but what they really love is that they have others with which to share the experience. Many Torah Club members felt isolated and alone before joining Torah Club. Now, they are part of a community “where disciples learn.”

When FFOZ says, “Torah Club is no longer about books,” it doesn’t mean that Torah Club is leaving behind serious Bible study. Quite the opposite. It means that Torah Club members are studying the Bible more deeply than ever before. Bible study and biblical living can go only so far when we are alone. Torah Club provides disciples around the world—from Toronto to South Africa to New Zealand—with opportunities to start a club or join a club where they can flourish as disciples within a community.

Consider starting or joining a Torah Club in your area. The new approach makes it smooth, excellent, and downright fun to be in Torah Club!