We receive frequent requests about the availability of Torah Club in various languages. Currently, Torah Club is available only in English.

However, many people want to know when Torah Club will be available in Spanish, French, German, Korean, Chinese, and more.

Well, we have good news. While it will be some time before Torah Club is available in languages other than English, we are beginning to take steps to prepare for the day when Torah Club will be available in multiple languages.

To be clear, it will be several years before Torah Club will be offered in languages other than English. We are moving slowly with this process because we must remain focused on properly serving our English-speaking Torah Clubs. English is where we started with Torah Club, and we feel it is essential that we learn how to make Torah Club the best it can be with one language. However, we are looking forward to the day when Torah Club will be available in many languages.

We are grateful that God has blessed us with a team that is already in motion and beginning to translate the Jesus, My Rabbi Torah Club study into the Korean language. This is no small thing, as it takes the right people to make this happen. We will keep you posted in the months and years to come as Torah Club's translation continues to take shape.