Imagine three days of inspiration, encouragement, and teaching that is designed to help you build a vision for our shared kingdom work and message!

That is what attendees can expect to experience at Malchut 2020 in Orlando, Florida. The word “Malchut” means “Kingdom,” and helping disciples of Yeshua to be “kingdom builders” is what the Malchut conference is all about.

In the teaching sessions, the emphasis this year will involve contrasting evangelical and Jewish views of the eschatological (end times) kingdom. Each teacher will dig deeply into the Scriptures and provide insights that will challenge attendees to sharpen their views of what is to come. Every message will emphasize the importance of what we can do now in preparation for the future kingdom realities.

In conjunction with the kingdom theme, a new book in the Vine of David Messianic Luminaries series will be released. We will present the much-anticipated volume on the life and teachings of Abram Poljak as a gift to all Malchut attendees. Abram Poljak had a big vision for the kingdom and how the Jewish people and the land of Israel fit into these realities. This book promises to enrich the legacy and vision of the Messianic movement.

As important as the teaching is at Malchut, learning is only one part of the experience at this conference. The Malchut conference is filled with opportunities for attendees to develop friendships with like-minded disciples of Yeshua from around the world. Attendees worship together, eat together, and have some dedicated times for focused discussion and fun. Building kingdom relationships is a big part of the Malchut experience.

A strong community is essential to the task of advancing the kingdom. At Malchut 2020, FFOZ Friends, Torah Club leaders, and guests* will be strengthened in their foundation and energized for the local kingdom efforts in which each attendee is involved. The Malchut conference will help to unify disciples who are working together to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth.

* Malchut attendees are encouraged to bring a guest who is not part of the Friends program under the "Plus One" option for the Malchut Conference.