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Bartlett, TN

Club Type: Men and Women

Join Policy: Anyone can register

Club Status: Active

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Study: Jesus, My Rabbi

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Club Address 5955 Yale Road, Bartlett, TN 38134, US
Meeting Time Sundays, 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Club Status Active
Club Study Jesus, My Rabbi
Join Policy Anyone can register
Approval Policy See Approval Policy and Annual Membership Fees below.
Club Type Men and Women
Children Children cannot be accommodated
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Study Track (Sept 2021 – Oct 2022)

Jesus, My Rabbi

"A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher" (Luke 6:40).

Discipleship is how we grow close to our Rabbi and as we do, the purpose of our own life comes to fruition. This year Torah Clubs are studying the Gospels from a Messianic Jewish perspective. The goal of this year's study is to encounter Yeshua of Nazareth in His Jewish context. Learn His stories, miracles, parables, and teachings from a historical-contextual perspective.

Participating members receive lesson workbooks full of Gospel commentary and study questions for each week of the Bible study. The weekly club meetings feature a short video teaching on the lesson leading to quality group discussion.

Men & Women's Club

This Torah Club is a gathering of individuals and couples learning and connecting with each other. We encourage one another through fellowship and in-depth, discussion-oriented study of the Bible. Using the comprehensive Torah Club resources, we greatly value learning and growing in understanding God's Word. In the club, we bond as godly friends, enjoy sweet fellowship, and encourage one another in faith. We pray, study, learn, and discuss. We also laugh a lot and enjoy our faith together, growing in the grace and knowledge of God.

Join Policy

Anyone can Register: This club is open to the public. Click the 'Register to Join' button and fill out the registration form.

Approval Policy

By Club Leader: All registrations to join this Club will be individually approved by the Club Leader. Once you receive an approval email, you can follow the link in the email to pay your annual membership fee. In some cases, a Club Leader may choose to automatically approve you during the invite process, in which case you will be able to register and pay membership fees in one step.

Annual Membership Fees

Pay $60 for the entire year and become a Torah Club Member. Your payment for Torah Club membership enables you to start attending this club's weekly meetings. A full refund is available upon request within 30 days from date of payment.

Payment: Your payment needs to be made after the Club Leader has approved your registration request.

About Torah Club

Torah Club is an independent network of volunteer leaders participating in the global mission of Torah Club: Communities of disciples all over the world seeking the kingdom together. Torah Club Leaders define the structure of their clubs, approve new members, and coordinate club meetings.

Covid-19 Remote Access

Covid-19 Doesn't Stop Torah Club

Torah Club is where disciples learn … even during Covid-19 restrictions. Torah Club groups meet in person. But when it's necessary to protect the health and safety of our club members, Torah Club leaders can open Remote Access options and conduct Club meetings online. Don't let the virus keep you from getting started with Jesus, My Rabbi.

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Study: Jesus, My Rabbi

Registration is Open

Club Location

Address: 5955 Yale Road, Bartlett, TN 38134, US

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Club Name: Bartlett, TN

This Torah Club is not a virtual community. Students are required to attend the club's physical meeting location set by the local Torah Club Leader.

CLUB TYPE: Men and Women

JOIN POLICY: Anyone can register


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