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What is a Core Account and why would I need it?

Torah Club Leaders and Students, FFOZ Friends, HaYesod Students, digital subscribers, and our community benefit by creating an online account to access premium and other free resources.

Special Note: If your account dashboard does not show your Torah Club leader or student status, the email you used to sign in is most likely not the default email we have set in your account. This can be fixed easily. Please contact Support.

When you create an online Core account, you not only become more connected with us, you also receive access to online resources which are not available without an account. Easily manage your personal profile, view your account details, quickly access any premium online resources or study programs you signed up for, and get priority access to our customer care and support teams.

New Club Leader Sign In Process

Announcement for all Torah Club Leaders

If you are a Torah Club leader, check your email for a personalized version of this announcement. If you are new, create an account here »

As you know, our Torah Club Team has been working diligently to release improvements and new features for Torah Club Leaders. We are excited to introduce a new online account/authentication system which will be more secure for you as a leader.

In order to switch into the new system, you have to first refresh your online account, and create a new password. You will no longer be using your Club code to sign in.

If this is your first time here on the new Sign In page, start by clicking on the Create or Refresh Account link appearing at the bottom of the sign-in panel (see image above). On the next page you will enter your primary account email (which could be different from the Club email you have been using. Refer to the email which we sent recently). After entering your primary account email, create a new password. Once you have completed this process, you will be signed into your account and can follow the links from the new Account Dashboard, or go straight back to the Torah Club website.

If you experience any issues during switching to the new authentication system, please contact the Torah Club Connect Team and we'll assist you as soon as possible.